Why Didn’t the Modi Government Use Other Freedom Fighters than Gandhiji in the New Notes?

It is a tradition for every country to put their famous leaders, freedom fighters and Presidents in their currency as a mark of respect and gratitude for their enormous contribution towards the country. Almost every country follows this tradition.

India has a rich culture and the currency system has been in existence since 4 century BCE. Archaeological survey indicates the presence of coins in Dwaraka which dates back to almost 5000 years back. Even during the Indus Valley civilization which existed during the 2500 BCE the coin system was in use. The great kings who ruled the Kingdom most often used coins to depict their culture, ruling and traditions. When India was under the control of the British Empire mostly our coins bore the symbol of the Queen Victoria and few British rulers as a mark of their domination of British over India.

In order to attain freedom from the clutches of the British thousands of people gave their lives for the country. Few were as young as 13, 18 and 24 years when they sacrificed their life fighting the British.  They became role models to millions of Indians and still remain in our hearts as long as we exist.

Some of the unforgettable names like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Subash Chandra Bose who changed the thinking of every Indian and sowed the seeds of patriotism and revolutionary ideas in the young Indian minds which can never be forgotten. But however these people are not recognized as much as Mahatma Gandhi is, as most of the credit of Freedom is given to Gandhi than anyone else. Well he was called the Father of Nation and the man who got us Freedom. Although the facts tell a whole different story, most people even today believe he single handedly brought us freedom.

Never really understood if Freedom Struggle was so easy that one man could achieve it! Anyways that’s not the topic to be bothered now.

If you have noticed the American dollars issued since 50-100 years, then you will see a lot of different people depicted in the currency of America. Be it Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, George Washington and many others who became the leaders and the Presidents of America.



Also if you notice England pounds, although you see Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth in most notes, there were many currencies which depicted the pictures of Charles Dickens, Edward Elgar, Michael Faraday, Issac Newton, Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare. Many of them were not Prime minister’s or leaders but people who gave invaluable contribution to the country. They were greatly honored by depicting them as country’s pride on their currencies.


Most of the other countries also have a list of famous personalities who are depicted in their currencies. Unfortunately India is the only country in the world, which hasn’t attributed anyone’s contribution other than Mahatma Gandhi. It should be called the pathetic state of our country as we have literally forgotten every great names of history who made the country what it is today!

Why is our country so stingy to even give credit to some of the greatest people that world saw, Or is it the dirty politics which doesn’t allow anyone to sit as the pride of India in our currencies??

From the time of Independence, our country developed this illogical rhetoric that no one should oppose the GANDHI or No ONE should question the NEHRU family, or NO ONE has right to enter politics if they aren’t Gandhi-Nehru descendants!

Isn’t this the unexplained stupid boundary we have put around ourselves?? Has India never moved after 1947 or was there no India before 1947??

India is one country which has hundreds and hundreds of gems who made this country proud from the time of BCE…and we say we do not have anyone to project out country to the world??

Starting from Aryabhata, Charaka, Sushtra, Chankya, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Sir C V Raman, Sir, M Visveswaraiah, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekar Azad, Dr B R Ambedkar, Dr Homi J Baba, Dr A P J Abdul kalam, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose….Which field do you want…Politics, social leader, scientist, revolutionaries????

Are these people not good enough to be on currency of our country? Don’t they represent the pride our nation??

The only change we have seen in 70 years is that Gandhiji has changed his NECK position in the newly arrived currency notes….!!!


Is Gandhiji the only person who deserves to be on the notes, was he the only person who carried India forward since 1st century BCE ???

Why are we still stuck with same rhetoric?? A Nation is built with the hard work of millions of people and hundreds of leaders who lead them. So ONE MAN cannot steal the pride of a country just because he was politically strong. We have to come out of the cocoon and grant the real heroes also the respect they deserve.

Aishwarya S



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