Discriminated and ignored: The sad story of Paralympians.

Just when I was done with my writing on Ignorance of Paralympics, I read the news that the new Gold medalist Mariyappan Thangavelu had donated 30 Lakh to the school which imparted him education. The Gold-man proved that he has a heart of gold as well.

India got its first ever Gold-medal with the incredible game of Mariyappan. And while writing it, I got this happy news that Deepa has a won a Silver for the country. The current tally is three medals (one gold, one silver and one bronze). Varun Singh Bhati, from Noida won Bronze.

I am sure; a big population does not even know that we have an Olympics for differently-abled, called Paralympics. In the ongoing Paralympics at Rio our two men made us proud by getting a Gold and Bronze in Men”™s High Jump. When the country does not even care to know the name of our players, our players give their blood and sweat to the game to make the country proud.

Mariyappan story is one of the most inspiring stories in years. A state transportation bus crushed his leg when he was of 5 years only. His father abandoned the family and his mother became the only bread earner for the five kids. His mother is a fruit seller in a village of Tamil Nadu. In the days, when you get to hear story of people picking up gun because of some adverse condition in their life, story of Mariyappan sets a goal. His story should be a lesson for those excusing the usage of gun for lack of facilities. It takes spine to fight the adversity and prove your worth.

Another point that should be raised here is, until when are we going to ignore our sportsperson? We do have other sports than Cricket. We have a big population which can get us gold in every Olympics. The only thing they need is support from the Society and the Government. Our sportsperson put their hard work in their game; they deserve better facilities and appreciation.

Our Paralympians deserve, if not more, than at least as much applauds as our cricketers get. They are the Gold of the country.

Shibya Pandey

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