Disgusting!!! Aslam Khan from Delhi arrested for raping and killing a pregnant dog

The news portals were flooded with news of violence against people of different castes and religion until recently. In the past one year the social networking sites and news portals are reporting increased violence against innocent animals. No this article is not about a person belonging to a particular community killing cows. This news is rather absurd than that. It is about a man caught red handed while having unnatural sex with a pregnant dog and killing it. This news is another addition to animal cruelty we have seen over the year, be it dragging dog from a bike, or throwing animals off a building or burning them alive. It seems that cruelties against animals are set to rise in the years to come and we are going to witness some of the absurd ways of violence.

In a rather bizarre and shocking incident, Aslam Khan, a 22-year-old man of Delhi was caught red-handed for killing and raping a pregnant dog. It is inhumane and extremely shocking to even think of killing and raping a pregnant dog to satisfy the sexual needs of a human being but it is equally shocking to know that there are humans (or animals?) like Aslam Khan who don’t even spare a animal to satify their own urges.

The police who investigated the matter revealed that the dog was murdered and raped afterwards by Aslam, a native of Delhi who had come to Hyderabad to meet his friends.

Md Jahangir, the owner of dog which was murdered and raped by Aslam, looked for his pet dog but couldn’t find it and suddenly heard his pet dog making weird voices and hence sent his sons to check out what was happening. Jahangir’s sons were in for utter shock when they saw that a man was forcing himself on a pregnant dog.

Aslam Khan, the accused, tried to flee from the crime spot, but in vain. He was caught by the locals and was handed over to Hyderabad Police. The police have booked the accused under IPC section, 489, 374 and section of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act.

As soon as the news spread over the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people from all over the world spoke in one voice against the cruel crime committed by Aslam and every single one of them urged the Police to take strict action against the accused. Some of them have also went on to say that he should be punished in such a way that it should act as an example for other criminals and make them think twice before committing crime against animals.

One among the many, who commented on this heinous crime on social networking sites, rightly questioned who the actual animal is, in the case that has come to light. It is time for us to think as a society and to outcast these people who are dangerous not only for the humanity to survive but also are posing a threat to the peaceful and innocent animals.

Here are a few tweets which reveal how Aslam was slammed on social media for his inhuman acts: