Disgusting!!! China Stooped to new low; Exporting shoes packed in Indian Tricolor boxes

India and China are witnessing one of the most hostile time in last couple of decades since last two months. China which is known for its aggressive stance has been throwing new challenges on daily basis. Some day they release a threatening sermons and asking India to back off from Doklam. Someday they release an awkward advisory for their Citizens in India and asking them to stay cautious. All these are Chinese pressure tactics and anyone who knows China can understand its game plan.

However this time China has crossed the barrier of decency and ethics. It has been reported from Almora, a district in the state of Uttarakhand that several Shoes packed in Tricolor boxes has been supplied by Chinese Manufacturers. It has drew People’s wrath in the State, the local shopkeepers immediately  informed the Police that they had been delivered shoes in boxes bearing the Tricolour, allegedly from China following which police have started investigation.

Almora’s Senior Superintendent of Police P. Renuka Devi said putting the shoes in boxes with the national flag is agross insult to the Tricolour. The boxes have the Tricolour on top and the base carries some letters in Mandarin.  Police said that it has triggered a speculation among locals that the move was aimed at humiliating Indians amid an ongoing standoff of Doklam.

Udham Singh Nagar Senior Superintendent of Police Sadanand Date said the police questioned the owner of Tammana Traders in Rudrapur, who said that he bought the shoes from a distributor in Delhi and did not know their place of origin. “We would be questioning the dealer in New Delhi to know about the origin of these shoes”.

The case has been filed by the shopkeeper Bishan Bora against the shoe supplier of Rudrapur. Bora claimed as soon as he opened the consignment, he found only seven shoe pair in proper box and rest of the pairs came in the Tricolour box. “I received the goods on Thursday and when I opened the bags, I was in extreme shock. I immediately called the police, sensing something wrong,” said Bora, who filed the initial complaint.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) district president of Almora Lalit Latwal asserted the administration swung into action after he intervened. “As soon I received information about the consignment, I immediately requested administration to forfeit the boxes and act against those who are involved in insulting Indian flag. It looks like a bigger conspiracy. The party workers will keep an eye on the case until those culprits are not arrested” Latwal said.

It is a clear signal that China is feeling the heat on Doklam issue, things didn’t turn up as per their plan and that’s why they are so desperate to do anything which can insult India. However it only shows the timid mindset of Chinese.

Manish Sharma