Disgusting!!! Muslim Women Assaulted for Making Paintings of PM Modi and CM Adityanath

Six people assaulted a newly-married Muslim woman. As if that’s not heinous enough, listen to the reason why she was beaten – because she drew paintings of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath!

An FIR was lodged against six people including the husband of Nagma, Pervez Khan at Sikandarpur police station in Basarikpur village. Nagma Praveen’s father Shamsher Khan filed the complaint.

Anil Kumar, Superintendent of Police, said that Shamsher alleged that Nagma was first assaulted by Pervez and five other men and then thrown out of the house. Police are investigating the matter.

This deep hatred of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Adityanath is absolutely unfounded. This is nothing but the result of being brainwashed into believing that these two leaders – primarily Prime Minister Modi – are only in power to demonize the minority.

The credit for creating this mistrust bordering on eternal hatred goes to the opposition parties as well as the media. For Prime Minister Modi this began after the 2002 Godhra riots when the media and opposition hounded him for ‘orchestrating’ the riots. They made it seem as if the Godhra riot was the first one to have happened in the history of independent India or as if every chief minister under whose rule a riot has occurred was interrogated the same way. Despite Narendra Modi being cleared by the courts, the media and some opposition parties still raise the same 2002 rhetoric and blame him for the riots. This has instilled an undying unjustifiable fear amidst Muslims for him which if going by the same logic, should be more for Congress under whom dozens of heinous riots have taken place.

This vile hatred for Yogi Adityanath is simply because he wears saffron and preaches his religion openly. Despite the Muzaffarnagar riots taking place under Akhilesh Yadav, minorities still back the Samajwadi Party but dislike Yogi simply because an impression of him being an ‘extremist Hindu’ has been erected by the media on the basis of his clothing and beliefs. This is real intolerance. This is what divides people. And this is what must stop as minorities should realize that they have and are being used as pawns in a much larger game of political survival.

Vinayak Jain