Dismissed IPS officer and an abusive troll Sanjiv Bhatt arrested by CID in a drug planting case!

Former Gujarat IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt who has always attacked PM Modi & his Government has been detained today following directives from the Gujarat High Court. This detention is in connection with the 1998 case in which a Rajasthan-based lawyer was allegedly framed in a narcotics case.

In 1998, Sanjiv Bhatt was serving as the DCP of Banaskantha when he was accused of trying framing a lawyer in fake narcotics case. The complaint was filed against him by the lawyer Sumer Singh Raj Purohit. Sumer Singh Rajput had also laid accusations against Justice Jain, a former sitting judge in the Gujarat High Court, and some of the subordinate officers along with Bhatt.

In his complaint, Rajpurohit alleged that he was abducted and implicated in a false NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) case to force his family to vacate a rented premises owned by Justice Jain’s sister in Pali. He was arrested after Banaskantha police reportedly found over one kilo of opium at a hotel in Palanpur, Gujarat.

The lawyer accused that all these false implications were laid on him and this whole incident of planting narcotics was carried out by Sanjeev Bhatt along with police and others just to get the property property which was allegedly belonged to the relative of the then Gujarat HC judge, Ramanlal Rajmal Jain vacated. He never occupied any hotel room and he was not there at the premises during the police raid even.

Earlier, in June The Gujarat High Court has directed the state CID-Crime to investigate the case appointing an SIT led by an officer of DIG rank. The court also ordered that the probe should be completed in three months.

The High Court order then stated shocking revelations

“If the said advocate vacates the property, the Palanpur police would release him from jail in the said narcotics case. In fact, within only three days of Sumer Singh Rajpurohit remaining in police custody, the property was vacated by his brother, and on vacating the property, the Palanpur police filed a report under Section 169 Cr PC saying that the person occupying the room at Lajwanti City Hotel where 1.5 kg narcotics was found was not Rajpurohit and that he may be released,” the High Court’s order stated

Along with Sanjiv Bhatt, seven other people are also being interrogated in the case. 2 more former police officers are also said to be involved.

Whatever happens blame Prime Minister Modi & his Government. Raise your voice against it, shout for freedom of Expression, overlook the crimes done by others and create false narrative of “Who so ever speaks against Modi Government will be framed under false charges” Liberals are once again back at their propaganda after the detention of IPS Sanjiv Bhatt.

But don’t get trapped in the propaganda’s of these leftists. Don’t overlook the reality in front of you. Sanjiv Bhatt is the officer who has always been spreading anti-India propaganda on Twitter, who has disgraced a woman’s dignity by morphing her picture, and also shared fake images of the recent Kerala floods.

Source: Indian Express

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