When they could divide the nation in 1947 to assume power, It isn’t a big deal if they slaughter a cow or a human to get back in power in 2019

Were the Indian farmers driving around in a Mercedes during the Congress rule? PM Modi is the most hardworking and efficient leader we’ve ever had. The recent farmer protests are actually Congress protests against the Central Government. The same Congress which had no problems with India’s partition. The same congress which has manufactured several riots and ensured that thousands of innocents were slaughtered. Rahul Gandhi recently indulged in a publicity stunt, when he said that he wanted to read the Bhagavad Geeta and other sacred Hindu scriptures.

What will the son of an Italian understand? He may understand one thing for sure. When his close aide Rijil Makutty openly slaughtered a calf on the streets of Kerala, the congress was not hurting anyone. Jawaharlal Nehru had stepped over the dead bodies of 30,00,000 Indians to assume power. We have lost count of the atrocities committed by Nehru & the disastrous legacy that followed.

When Nehru didn’t care for millions of Indian lives, how will Antonia Maino (Sonia Gandhi) care for the farmer, Hindu, Jawan or even the sacred cow. Nehru just wanted to become the Prime Minister and that’s the reason he never thought about the 3 Million Indians that were killed, so that he could lead the nation.

What can we expect from such a political party in 2019? They may go to any extent as they did in the past. When they didn’t care for Millions of Indian lives then, what will they now. They may stage many such protests, allow many such ‘scholars’ to abuse the nation in the name of Freedom of Speech & expression.

From 1947 they have only ruined the nation. When Jawaharlal Nehru failed to connect with the common Indian Hindu sentiment, how can we expect an Italian to do so.She looted the nation and we have a problem with that. When the party showed no mercy on Indians all these years, why should we ever forgive them.

Now the Congress proxies can take a look at the farmer suicides during the Congress rule & keep the numbers to themselves. The nation already knows.


Alok Shetty


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