DK Shivkumar wants to be the Deputy CM of Karnataka, but there’s a mega twist in the story

At the end of a high level drama in Karnataka and Congress and JDS forming a combined Government, here’s what we heard from sources. Immediately after the Floor Test, DK Shivakumar abused an MLA. This is the arrogance level of the Congress party.

And now the Republic TV has accessed an exclusive inside scoop relating to the cabinet structuring between the JDS and Congress for the soon to be sworn in HD Kumaraswamy led Karnataka government.

The day since Congress has joined hands with its once upon a time rival, JDS party, politics in Karnataka has watched the unseen pictures of these two parties since decades. The two parties have given a literal shock to the state by joining hands. Ever since the two parties have combined, there has been talks about who will be named as the Deputy Chief Minister.

The two names that have been mentioned in this regard are G Parameshwar, the Congress’ Karnataka chief and the other name would be DK Shivakumar, the influential Energy minister in the erstwhile Siddaramaiah-led government.

Now, Republic TV has got the news that the rift is likely to escalate, and the decision would be favoring DK Shivakumar. As he is going to be meeting the soon to be CM HD Kumaraswamy and will keep a demand to be appointed as the Deputy CM of Karnataka.

But here’s a twist to the story… 

As per DK Shivakumar’s estimations, it is expected that HD Kumaraswamy is said to already support DK Shivakumar for the position and has even proposed it to the alliance. But it is HD Kumaraswamy’s father and former Prime Minister of India HD Deve Gowda, who is being the obstacle to this decision. Deve Gowda is believed to be favoring G Parameshwara for the post and feels that DK Shivakumar should carry on with his present position.

Well, time alone can sought out these confusions created by these two parties. Whatever may be the decision, they have proved that they contain double-standards. The parties who were once rivals of each other, have now turned to be partners in crime! How far will this friendship last? That needs to be watched out.

The efforts of the two combined parties can be said to have paid off as the Congress and JD(S) managed to keep their flocks together as a result of which Yeddyurappa resigned right before the floor test in the Karnataka Assembly. There still remains to be a ray of hope to those staunch supporters of BJP and PM Modi. They do not want to let go off the confidence and have kept their stand with dignity.

Source: Republic World