Do Indians really deserve high class facilities in railways?

Tejas Express passengers stealheadphones,smash the LCD screens: clearly shows our civic duties and responsibilities!?

Indians do not know how to handle sophisticated services provided to them. Indian Railways much awaited “aeroplane moving on the ground”-Tejas Express in its maiden run, many headphones were stolen, allegedly thrashed the LCD screens by passengers. This incident reflects misuse of public services by public.

Yes, the train was flagged off by Railway minister Suresh Prabhu from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus on Monday.

Tejas Express is a semi high speed train brand of Indian railways introduced with modern on board facilities. It is India’s first luxury and fastest train and the government is hoping to change all that with a luxury service. It may be taking our country in a different track.

Much awaited journey of Tejas Express was headed from Mumbai to Goa on Monday with 400 excited passengers aboard. The Tejas has several modern facilities like on-board infotainment, LED TV, Wi-Fi, CCTV, fire and smoke detection facilities, tea and coffee vending machine, automatic doors, push button for the attendant to come to the seat etc.

Wow!! Flight on the rails, passengers shared their first experience with excitement. The Tejas Express was an experiment to boost tourism. If successful, the train will run on more routes in the future.

But officers were stunned by looking at the condition of Tejas returned from Goa to Mumbai after first journey;Passengers allegedly thrashed the LCD screens on the seats and stole the headphones provided, had soiled the toilets.

According to source, a passenger said that some people tried to remove the LCD screen by pulling on its hinges while others did not flush the toilet after using it, because of which the toilet began to stink an hour after the journey had begun.

A senior railway official told to media that “at least a dozen headphones” were missing from the train after Monday’s journey. He also said a couple of LED screens had scratch marks on them.

The railway officials also said not much should be looked into these incidents. “These are teething troubles that will be sorted out within a few days. We need to celebrate a train that will eventually change the way India travels”.

After this incident one question raises, our country really need these luxurious facilities, services when people of this country do not know how to handle and respect services provided.

What is public property?

Public property is anything that is intended for public use and is not related to a particular individual. Everyone can use the public services but nobody have the right to harm it.

Why India is still developing country? Despite of having great culture, heritage, rich resources, human power!!  We are lagging behind just because of our mentality, selfishness.

Being a small country, how Japan reached that extent is just because of way of thinking. Japanese people think first for their country and culture before they put themselves. Their work ethics and dedication towards country and completing a job is legendary and famous across the world.

The Indians are obsessed with ‘who’s better’, ‘who’s from my caste/creed/religion/state/language/political party background’ etc rather than getting things done in the most effective manner, without any personal feelings involved.

To become developed nation, not only enough to develop the infrastructure, economy of the country, but also required to change our way of thinking.

While it is one of the duties of the government to provide people with the best services and facilities, it is also our basic civic duty to treat those public services and facilities with respect.

If the Indian citizens take an oath and follow their duties heartily, we can succeed with government mission like ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’.

Once the Former President Dr.Abdul Kalam said that, “One should not blame the government for everything. As being the citizen we must do whatever it takes to do our duty. Change has to begin with ourselves. We have to change things”.

Anusha Shetty