Do You Know How Kejriwal Tried to Save his Face on Social Media after Pakistan Called him “HERO” ???

Would you believe if I say Pakistanis will trend a TAG supporting MODI???

Even GOD wouldn”™t believe it! That is the hatred they have against India and Modi. But a day back Twitter world was trending a tag >>> #Pakistan StandsWithModi

Twitter world will be surprised to know people behind trending #PakistanStandsWithModi #PakistanStandsWithKejriwal

Yesterday Twitter was trending #PakistanStandsWithModi and most people active in twitter were SHOCKED,  yes shocked thinking why would Pakistan Love Modi as he is considered a staunch Anti Pakistan and Hindu Nationalist which “doesn’t qualify  him to be loved by Pakistan” by Pakistani.

When I started  checking  the facts, I was surprised which made me curious to look more deeper in it .

The trend wasn’t started by Pakistanis but by those living within geographical boundary of India whose leader doubts capability of Indian Army and just few days back had repeated demand that is being seemed by Pakistan – Show proof of surgical strikes by Indian Army in Pakistan .

Yes, you got it right. The trend #PakistanStandsWithModi was started by twitter handle @BaldevJaito, whose twitter handle has Arvind Kejriwal as his profile pic and all his tweets are pro AAP and anti Modi.

img-20161007-wa0061  img-20161007-wa0064

Another twitter handle who was actively supporting #PakistanStandsWithModi was twitter handle @DaaruBaazMehta who goes by user name AAP Ka Mehta a staunch supporter of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

img-20161007-wa0062  img-20161007-wa0063


So Why Did They Trend It ?

As we know how AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has become poster boy for Pakistan army and Pakistan Media after his demand to PM Modi asking  to show video proof of Surgical Strike across LoC,  the demand which Pakistan army too is asking for.

img-20161007-wa0071 img-20161007-wa0068

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf social media team started trending #PakistanStandsWithKejriwal and some tweets were even done from verified handles who are managing social media campaign for Pakistani cricketer turned Politician.

img-20161007-wa0065  img-20161007-wa0067

img-20161007-wa0069  img-20161007-wa0070

To save its face from further humiliation first after seeking proof of strike and then being made hero by Pakistan Media followed by being supported by Pakistan political party, AAP social media team members started trending  #PakistanStandsWithModi which instead of defaming Narendra Modi and Indian Army has bought more shame to AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.


If Kejriwal thinks he fooled people by trending a tag “PakistanStandsWithModi” he definitely is no lesser than a fool. Trending some FAKE tags, doesn’t change the fact that KEJRIWAL was called HERO in Pakistan. It doesn’t change the fact that Pakistan used KEJRIWAL’s argument to demand proof from army and government.

Anil Mattoo