Do you know Mufti Abdulla Patel who was arrested in Raping 8 Children and Killing one of them?

Day by day, each and every layer of Onion is getting pealed off and it brings tears in eyes of Sonia Gandhi and her right hand Ahmad Patel.

Since 15 years, this combination of Vatican and Radical Islam was ruling India by wearing a mask of secularism. No one knows who are the family members of Ahmad Patel and what they did. Media will never expose their shameless act and people will always live an ignorant life.

Let me introduce two family members of Ahmad Patel and their sins. 

  1. Abdulla Patel is the cousin brother of Ahmad Patel 
  2. Maulana Vastanvi is the brother in Law

Mufti Abdulla Patel is Maulvi of Darul Hukum Islamia at Bharuch, Gujarat.

He is arrested for performing unnatural sex with 8 minor students and killing one of them. 

This information was known to every Media House but it was covered up untill Prashant Patel, famous Lawyer who had exposed Aam Aadmi Party Corruption tweeted on 19th June 2017. 

Ahmad Patel is popular for arranging his family members marry to another family for Political benefits just like he married off his son Faisal Patel with a kin of Farooq Abdulla.

Maulana Vastanvi, who is brother in law of Ahmad Patel had also involved in many corruptions and was Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Deoband, the second biggest Islamic Seminary famous for issuing Orthodox Fatwas. He has many Hospitals and Educational Institutions on his name and each one of those narrates a story of Corruption and Crony Power Usage of Ahmad Patel. 

Can you imagine how media would have been acted if this news have been linked to any other Political Party ? 

Point is not about Media, Brother of Ahmad Patel is caught raping children and Congress is fighting truth and nail to save Rajya Sabha seat for Ahmad Patel. 

Let me tell more about that incident . This Madarsa at Baruch was practicing Home Sex and Child Sex since long and several complaints were also registered in the past but no action was taken due to political pressure, lack of evidence and witness. 

This time a brave boy Shabir Kanuga exposed this incident with courage and didn’t back down and thus he was killed by Ahmad Patel’s brother. 

Gujarat Police have arrested Mufti Abdulla from Bharuch as his crime have been exposed and proven. 

Mainstream Media never exposed this but it was Prashant Patel (Twitter – @ippatel) who exposed this. 

I hope this news will grab the attention of the public as it is very necessary to shame the whole political nexus of Congress with Madarsas and Missionaries. 

Abhishek Kumar