Do you know the conspiracy behind the call for “Karnataka Bandh” on January 25th and February 4th!

The people of Karnataka are now busy in withdrawing money from ATMs, collecting necessary ration, and postponing whatever they have scheduled on January 25th. You may ask “why?”!

Have you forgotten that Karnataka will be shut down on January 25th as a mark for protest for the ongoing Kalasabanduri and Mahadayi water tussle? But you’ll be shocked to hear that the protest is not initiated by the farmers or the “Kannadigas” but by the Karnataka government.

Know the master plan of Siddaramaiah government to counter PM Modi and Amit Shah!

  • Yes, the Karnataka Bandh was originally scripted by the Congress government and it is now enacted by few of the pseudo pro-Kannada organizations. Now you may ask what will the Congress government get by shutting down its own state? Doesn’t it create a negative image in the minds of the people with elections ahead?
  • Well, the conspiracy is to make the visit of Amit Shah and PM Modi a flop show. Yes, the BJP President Amit Shah is taking part in a mega public meeting in Mysore to conclude BJP’s three months-long state tour “Parivarthana Yathre” on January 25. But if there is a statewide bandh, then how would the people gather?
  • To take this Bandh politics to the next level, few of the pseudo pro-Kannada organizations have called for Karnataka Bandh even on February 4th. On this day, Prime Minister Modi will be visiting Bengaluru to address a rally of party workers.

Few more stunning revelations about Karnataka Bandh!

  • Mr Vatal Nagaraj, a leader of a pro-Kannada organization has called for Karnataka Bandh on January 25th. But he has called Bandh again on February 4th also. This makes it clear that their target is BJP government.
  • Several Kannada organizations have openly said that they are not in support of the Bandh on January 25th. Yet, Mr Vatal Nagaraj is hell bent to shut the state on January 25th and February 4th. Why didn’t he find any other date?
  • In the past few weeks, the opposition party of Karnataka –BJP– has actively initiated to put an end to the water crisis between Goa and Karnataka. The Karnataka BJP leaders met with the Goa government and it is said that the talk seemed to be successful. Instead of congratulating the BJP leaders, why Mr Vatal Nagaraj is protesting on the same day which is auspicious to the BJP?
  • Being the party in power, the Congress-led Karnataka government must have had initiated the talks with Goa government. But it didn’t do so. At one end, the CM Siddaramaiah government is supporting the Bandh, which demands Goa to release water. But at another end, the Goa Congress is protesting not to release water to Karnataka. By saying so, Congress exposed itself.
  • The Parivarthana rally, which started three months back has created a huge impact in the boll bound Karnataka. Now that PM Modi and Amit Shah are visiting Karnataka, it will prove as a massive boost to BJP. To prevent this, the Congress has resorted to the dirty trick of provoking pseudo-pro-Kannada organizations.

Now, it is in the hands of the Kannadigas whether to support this conspiracy or to wipe out the Congress party in the upcoming elections.

Hansika Raj


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