Do you know the powerful Congress leader who said “But the PM works for the party right, Baru” in the movie “The Accidental Prime Minister”

The trailer of movie “The Accidental Prime Minister” has taken the nation by storm. The movie is to be released on January 11th and the trailer is enough to stun the viewers especially Congress party which is being exposed in the movie.

The dialogues of the movie are buzzing everywhere.One very catchy dialogue has catched everyone’s attention and is echoing in every one’s ears

“Main Party ke Liye Kaam Nhin Krta, Par PM to Party ke liye Kaam Krte hai Baru”

And you might be wandering who was that character in the movie who is narrating this dialogue to Baru. To your surprise this character is now revealed by lead actor of the movie Anupam Kher who is playing the role of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

The identity of a politician who has a politically controversial exchange with the film’s narrator (and source-material’s author – Sanjaya Baru) Akshaye Khanna is none other than senior and powerful Congress leader Ahmed Patel, Rajya Sabha Member and right hand of Sonia Gandhi

This role is being played by actor Vipin Sharma who has the following conversation with the Sanjaya Baru then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s media advisor and author of the book The Accidental Prime Minister

Khanna (Baru): “PM ke liye Kaam karta hoon party ke liye nahi”. (I work for the PM, not the party)

Vipin Sharma (Ahmed Patel): “Lekin PM toh party ke liye kaam karte hain Baru”. (But the PM works for the party right, Baru)

Since the time trailer is released Congress party and its agents are continuously targeting Modi Government. The Youth Congress wants to censor a movie and has even threatened to ban the film. The party alleged that the facts have been played with and is not portrayed correctly

The party said “It is understood that you produced the subject mentioned movie and is related to the life and tenure of Respected Manmohan Singh Ji as Prime Minister of India”.

But “Looking at the trailer of the movie it is understood that facts have been played with and presented in incorrect manner with regards to the Ex-Prime Minister Resp. Manmohan Singh Ji, UPA Chairperson Resp. Sonia Gandhi Ji and Congress Party to malign the image of Congress Party which is not acceptable to us”.
This is the century old Congress party’s support to freedom of expression in India. Even in the past, it had objected Madhur Bandarkar’s film “Indu Sarkar” that exposed the atrocities carried out by Indira Gandhi during Emergency period.

But this won’t stop the truth from coming out. Infact many other movies are coming out too in the year 2019 that will expose the Congress and how PM Modi is strengthening the nation. Some of the must watch in coming year 2019 are Uri- The Surgical Strike, Thackeray, Manikarnika, Kesari, Mission Mangal, Batla House, Tashkent Files, Rocketry and India’s Most Wanted based on