Do you know the total amount donated by PM Narendra Modi till date?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one among very few politicians those whose assets never see a rise but their popularity keeps on increasing multi-folds. Wherever PM Modi travels, he is welcomed with gifts and we might be knowing that the Prime Minister never keeps those awards or gifts with himself. He auctions it and the money that he receives from it will be allotted to developmental works.

Now you might be curious to know what is the total amount donated by PM Modi since he became India’s Prime Minister. Recently when PM Modi had attended the Kumbh Mela, he had  donated Rs. 21 lakh from his personal savings to the corpus fund for the welfare of those who toiled at the Kumbh Mela. You’ll be stunned to know that till date PM Modi has donated more than Rs 100 crores.

Now let us have a list of donations made by PM Modi:

  • PM Modi had donated Rs 1.3 crore which was the entire prize money that he received from the Seoul Peace Prize in South Korea. He said that it will be used towards Namami Gange, to help clean the holy River Ganga.
  • Rs 21 lakh was donated by PM Modi from his personal savings to the corpus fund for the welfare of sanitation workers of Kumbh Mela.
  • PM Modi had donated Rs 3.40 crore to the cause of Namami Gange. The amount was collected by PM Modi in an auction of his mementoes received by Narendra Modi.
  • PM Modi India had revealed that Prime Minister Modi had again initiated the auctioning of gifts he received till then in 2015. Rs 8.33 crore were raised during an auction held at Surat, The amount raised went to the Namame Ganga Mission.
  • Upon completion of his tenure as CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi donated Rs 21 lakh from personal savings for educating Gujarat government staffs’ daughters.
  • PM Narendra Modi had also raised Rs 89.96 crore by auctioning all gifts he received as chief minister and donated this to the Kanya Kelavani Fund. The money was spent on the education of girl child, through the scheme.

Note that these figures were released by India’s Prime Minister’s office on 6th of March in its official Twitter handle. This adds PM Modi to few of the rarest of the rare leaders who don’t receive, but give to the people. For example former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

Hansika Raj