Do You Know What is Chankya Amit Shah’s Game Plan for 2019 Lok Sabha??

Still well over 2 years remain to the Lok Sabha Election in 2019, but the BJP has already begun strategising to ensure another successful run in the next general election. The path chosen by party president Amit Shah is of identifying states & then constituencies within where the BJP”™s performance was weak in 2014 & working on those.

The results of a survey conducted by the party reveal that it is Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Telangana, Kerala, West Bengal & a few North Eastern states that will be focused upon as these are the states where the party needs more votes. 115 weak constituencies have been identified in these states.

In 2014 BJP had been able to win only 15 seats in these states & it”™s without doubt that if its performance was to improve in these states it would not only march again toward an absolute majority but achieve it with even more ease. Amit Shah has had discussions with state units & told them to create plans for individual constituencies. The plan is expected to be ready by mid October.

There are two ways to look at this ““ one is that the BJP feels that it has lost some ground in its strongholds & wants to cover up for those losses with gains in the weaker constituencies, while the other could be that the party is confident of repeating its brilliant performance in its strongholds & wants to win even more seats & so is targeting the weak ones. Either way it”™s a smart strategy. Whether implemented with a motive to account for potential losses or to further expand the party”™s reach, the strategy is a good one. And if the BJP can hold onto its strengths, and at the same time make inroads into these 115 constituencies we might even see the 282 mark being breached.

Vinayaka Jain