Do you know what Zakir Musa, the terrorist who hide behind women & stone-pelters, said about PM Modi and Hindus?

The Congress party never showed its worries when the Hindus from Pakistan came running to India just to stop their daughter from getting raped by the majority community of Pakistan. Now that the Rohingyas belong to a particular community, the Congress is getting concerned of their safety.

After Shashi Tharoor tweeted by showing his support to the Rohingyas, now it is terrorist Zakir Musa’s turn. This person who hides behind the women and the stone pelters when the Army is set to hunt him down has now threatened to eliminate PM Modi. The religious angle in his statement is clearly visible as he says that he will liberate India from cow-worshipping PM.

Musa is the chief of Al-Qaeda’s Kashmir cell was a former Hizbul Mujahideen commander. He said that “Narendra Modi, the worshipper of cow, can gather as much might with his politics and diplomacy but won’t be able to stop us…. We will hoist the flag of Islam on hind and we will have the Hindu rulers chained and dragged.”

Now it is the duty of Indian Muslims to dump such communal statements and prove to the terrorists that Indians never favour the terrorists.

Musa had also stressed that various terror groups including JKLF, Hizbul Mujahideen have fought only for Islam and Sharia. These terrorists who hide behind small kids and women when the Army starts hunting for them, is now issuing threat to eliminate PM Modi and Hindus.

He had released this threat video on the youtube channel “Ansar Ghazwa” and circulated it on social media platforms.

This terrorist is disappointed with his Godfather (Pakistan)!!!

Zakir Musa also claimed that Pakistan had joined hands with India to prevent Mujahideen from pursuing “jihad” in Kashmir. He further added that Pakistan has backstabbed the “jihad-e-Kashmir” through back channel and peace diplomacy with India.

But his statement seems like a scripted by Pakisatn. It is evident that India’s biggest hurdle to curb terrorism is Pakistan. Now Zakir Musa’s statement is somewhat hilarious.

What will the Pakistan sympathizers based in India say now?

Slogans demanding “Azadi” (Freedom) is common in the valley and many political parties demanded to give justice to the separatists. But now Zakir Musa has clearly stated that his intension is not to attain freedom but to spread Islam.

This frustration of Zakir Musa is understandable as three terrorists from his gang were gunned down in Kashmir’s Pulwama. His message was released on the eve of Bakr-Eid and his video was ten minutes long.

The centre was firm was in its decision to deport nearly 40, 000 Rohingyas and out of these 6,000 live J&K. Reports also emerged that the Rohingyas in J&K are attracted towards terror activities.

Nishika Ram