Do you know who brought the ‘2 child family planning’ system into our country, who was their main target?

We say that India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. But along with economy we should also note that India is also the fastest growing population in the world. We are the second highest populated country in the world after China.

But the situation was not same 60 years back. When India got independence in 1947, the first census was conducted in the year 1951 which showed that the Indian population was 36,10,88,090 crores, this did not include population of the Jammu Kashmir. Up to 1950s, the Indian population grew steadily and was withing limits, but suddenly after 1950s, the population saw sudden rise and increased in double-triple folds.

The population of India in 1901 was 23.8 crore, in 1951, the population grew to 36.1 crore. So in a span of 50 years there was only 15 crore rise in population at a growth rate of 12.3 percent. But in another 50 years, the population grew 5 times more with 66.6 crore population. So the Indian population according to 2001 census was 102,87,37,436 crores.

In next 10 years, that is from 2001 to 2011, there was another massive increase in the population growth from 102 crore to 121 crore. As per the provisional report published during 31st March, 2011, India showed a decadal growth rate of 17.64 % for the entire population reaching 121,08,54,977 crores.

So, this shows that Indian population exploded after 1950 and grew almost in double times the population. It was in 1970s the first sterilization program began in India encouraged by loans amounting to tens of millions of dollars from the World Bank, the Swedish International Development Authority and the UN Population Fund and India embarked on an ambitious population control program. These programs were mainly aimed at targeting the majority population of the country.

But Sanjay Gandhi during emergency in 1975 used these programs in many rural areas, slums where populations were exceeding without limits. But later it was found that most of these population were of Muslims after which he received huge criticism.  In a year, around 6.2 Million people were sterilized by this program. But Sanjay Gandhi received huge criticism for the steps taken of forceful sterilization. Although his method was brutal, his intention was to control population explosion during 1970s which was going out of control.

In any natural system, the population doesn’t increase all of a sudden, it always grows steadily and uniformly. This law applies to all animals and plants as well which follows the evolution theory and the nature balances itself with all species. Any change in environment takes decades or centuries and never happen overnight. But the population explosion in India is not natural but a forceful objective which was implemented by certain people to dominate the country.

Now, take a look at the population growth in community wise.

The population of Hindus in 1951 was 84.1%, while the population of Muslims was 9.8%. But as years passed, you can see that the population of Hindus has declined by 6-7 % which is huge. But on the other hand, the percentage of Muslim population in India has increased by 6%.

Compare the other religions, the population of Christians, Sikhs, Buddhism have almost remained constant. This is exactly what is called steady growth. This shows that there is an external factor which is playing main role in population explosion in India.

The reason the population exploded 6-7 times more in 60 years was not just because our people produced more kids, but because of large scale conversion and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yes, the large scale conversion of Hindus in many parts of India and letting illegal migrants from other countries has added to the population.

Bangladeshi Immigrants

According to report submitted to government in 2000, there were around 1.5 crore illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India with around 3 lakh entering every year. During the UPA government, Sriprakash Jaiswal, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, had made a statement in Parliament on 14 July 2004, that there were 12 million illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators living in India, and West Bengal topped the list with 5.7 million Bangladeshis. More recently, Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs in the NDA government has put the figure at around 20 million. But the illegal immigrants are not just from Bangladesh, but from Pakistan also. As per 2001 Census Bangladeshi form the largest group of migrants in India followed by Pakistan.

Pakistani immigrants

Over 50,000-1,00,000 illegal immigrants are said to be living in India.

Afghanistan immigrants

By 2009, India had over 13,000 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan.

Burmese immigrants

There are estimated 50,000-100,000 Burmese Chin immigrants residing in India, mostly in the Indian state of Mizoram and a small number is found in Delhi.

These people are largely involved in conversion programs and are heavily funded by various foreign funded NGOs.  Apart from staying in Assam and West bengal, Bangladeshi illegal migrants have been moving to Kerala owing to the high wages for unskilled and semi-skilled laborers, and also the presence of sizable Muslim population in the state. Kerala State Intelligence officials said they found that a large section of Migrant labourers in Kerala claiming to be from West Bengal or even Assam were actually from Bangladesh.

Anti national activities have been reported ; the latest in which in August 2016, a native of west Bengal was arrested for insulting the national flag and he was later found to be an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh. There is said to be major racket at the borders of West Bengal and Assam with Bangladesh which provides illegal migrants with identity cards.

Rohingya Illegal Population

Since, almost 10 years, these Rohingya Muslims have infiltrated to India in large numbers. According to official report, there are around 50,000 Rohingyas in India. But the internal report says the unofficial record may have over 2 lakh Rohingyas who are involved in large scale conversion and many anti National activity. It is also said that there has been massive increase in their population lately, with each family having more than 10 kids.

Check how the Hindu population is decreasing in all places where there are illegal immigrants!

So, the population explosion is not just an issue of making kids, but a huge conspiracy to change the demography of the country. So, the 2 child family planning was brought into India by many western agencies which mainly wanted to bring a demographic change in the country. The population control program which is being implemented now by the government doesn’t make sense if it does not address the real issue and keep targeting only Hindus, whose population is already on the decline.

The family planning scheme, Hum Do, Hamare Do should be made compulsory for that sections of people whose population is growing without control. If not, the population will soon exceed China and India will face huge crisis in terms of availability of food, water and even jobs. No country can provide benefits if the population exceeds without limits. While all the other country’s population is almost growing steadily, India is one country which is experiencing population explosion in a very abnormal way. The government needs to take the issue seriously, before the problem reaches a state where there is no solution.

Aishwarya S