Do you know who is behind the arrest of Farooq Takla, the close aide of Dawood Ibrahim?

One of the most wanted gangster and terrorist in 1993 Bombay blast Farooq Takla has been arrested in Mumbai. Farooq Takla was deported from Dubai where he was said to be hiding and assisting Dawood Ibrahim since many years.

It is none other than National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who was heading this major operation has been successful in getting Farooq Takla deported from Dubai. According to Indian sources, the request to deport was made long back by the Indian government and the entire process took 6 months said the authorities. Takla has been deported after an operation by an external intelligence agency in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities. Farooq Takla had fled from India soon after the 1993 blasts. Interpol had issued a red corner notice against him in 1995. He was the main person who had planted bombs in  Mumbai during the 1993 blast.

This development came just two days after Dawood Ibrahim declared that he was ready to surrender with conditions. Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar’s lawyer had said, “He is prepared to come down to Mumbai and if they still have some case against him, he is prepared to face the charges but he must be kept only in Arthur Road jail.”

Ajit Doval who has been a master spy working on terror modules took personal interest in the case to deport Farooq Takla to India. It was Ajit Doval in the year 2005 who had master planned the execution of Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai using Chota Rajan, the rival of Dawood. However the operation was sabotaged by our own Indian government under Congress rule which deliberately arrested Ajit Doval and the men who were trained for the operation just a week before the operation.

Again in 2013, it was reported that the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) of the Indian Intelligence had planned execution of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan which was at its final stage. The commandos had even positioned themselves at the locations to take down Dawood Ibrahim before they received a message from the top government officials to abort the operation. The commandos had to drop the plan and return to India. According to officials, the call to abort the operation came from the highest levels in the government who were against killing Dawood Ibrahim.

But now, it is being said that the government is seriously looking at options to deport Dawood Ibrahim to India which may be possible with growing India’s diplomatic ties with UAE and middle eastern countries.

Aishwarya S