Do you know who sabotaged Quit India movement, who helped China during 1962 war? These same people are best friends of Congress today!

Nehru-Gandhi rule in India was nothing less than a disaster to our country. This one family literally destroyed, demoralized and degraded the patriotic values in the minds of our people and infiltrated it with corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics and hatred against the country. They supported such people who went against the National interest and sidelined people who fought for the country.

There are many people with anti-National mindset whom the Congress encouraged and gave them all prominence. The Quit India movement was one such movement which was meant to galvanize Indians against the British. Although this movement was seen as a counter strategy by Congress to suppress Subash Chandra Bose’s fight, it created a sense of unity among Indians.

But those people whom Congress considered very close and supporters of Nehru-Gandhi family had planned to sabotage the Quit India movement in 1942 with the help of British.  Communism is a concept which was born out of India and was adapted by few people in our country for their political mileage. Communists in India are very well known to be against Nationalism and National movement. They are uncomfortable speaking for the country or democracy from the time of their inception.

It was in 1942 when India was still in the hands of British, Gandhi gave a call for Quit India movement. It was the same time when Subash Chandra Bose was at a helm of success and he had sowed the seeds of Azadi in the minds of Indians. But the CPI party was against the National movement and had strongly opposed Quit India Movement. The Communists who were totally under the influence of Soviet Union took orders from Moscow and decided to go against the Independence call given by Gandhi. Their decision was not based on any logic or alternate solution, but just on the orders of Soviet.

When the Russians attacked Germany and brought down the Nazis rule, they declared the fight as People’s War for Communists. This slogan became successful overnight. The Soviet which was supporting the British during the second World War instructed the Communists in India to stand for the British and not for India. The instruction from Moscow was sent through Achhar Singh Chinna, alias Larkin who visited Moscow on orders of the British government. So, the communists separated themselves from freedom fights and all Nationalistic movements and regarded British as their friends. The communists then took a shocking decision to support British and go against the National interest of millions of Indians.

In the year 1948, after India achieved Independence, the CPI under the leadership of B.T. Randive started a slogan against the Indian Independence calling it Fake (yeh azadi jhooti hai) and called for an armed revolution in the country. PC Joshi who was the chairperson of the CPI wanted to utilize the situation to spread the communist party agenda in the country and decided to support Jawaharlal Nehru calling him a Progressive leader in the Congress. He knew that supporting Nehru who was very powerful will be useful for their future prospects. But his decision was not supported by B T Ranadive and his followers wanted to start their own movement against India as instructed by their masters in Moscow. They failed to note that Indians believed in patriotism and not communism.

P C Joshi who was very tactical with his approach decided to support Congress as he knew that it was only party which showcased itself as an organisation which fought against the British. He slowly started aligning with few members in Congress party including Nehru whose views were inclined towards Socialism and communism. Ultimately, the communists became a part of Congress culture with Jawaharlal Nehru for their support.

In 1962, when the War broke out between India and China, these same communists under the leadership of Namboodiripad backstabbed National interest once again and joined hands with the Chinese. They projected India as an aggressive country which was interfering in other countries internal affairs and disrupted peace with China. The Communists faced a massive backlash within the country for supporting China which ultimately leads to the division of Communist party. Some people in the CPI came out and started their own party called the Communist Party (Marxist). The CPI started to receive heavy funds from China and Soviet to work against India and destabilize the North Eastern Parts of India which was most crucial.

It is said that the Communists were receiving funds even during the freedom struggle and Bengal famine to work against India and sabotage every movement.

Take a look at the letter written by the CPI office to the British government in 1944, asking for funds.

It was not just then, but even today the Communist parties in India act against the interest of the Nation on instructions of Russia and China. It can be well remembered that it was Communists party under Prakash Karat who had objected the India-US Nuclear Treaty in 2007 unless the terms were made negotiable which ultimately put India in bad light.

An article was written by Prakash Karat, general secretary of the CPI(M), in People’s Democracy saying “The Left parties have been watching with disquiet the way the UPA government has gone about forging close strategic and military ties with the United States….The Left is clear that going ahead with the agreement will bind India to the United States in a manner that will seriously impair an independent foreign policy and our strategic autonomy.”

The only reason for their bizarre stand was because Russia and China never wanted India to get close to US which will jeopardize their position. So, the CPI acted on behest of China instead of putting National interest first.

This is the same party which is regarded as the most close ally of Congress. This is exactly why I said that Congress sidelined all those people who sincerely fought for the Nation and encouraged crooks who were being funded by enemy countries to destroy India. Nehru knowing the ulterior intentions of Communists could have easily sidelined them, but he never did so. Instead, he helped them in every way possible and ultimately became their most trusted ally.

If Rahul Gandhi today secretly meets Chinese Envoy during tense situation between India and China, it is only because he is directed by the Communists parties who play a crucial role in deciding the strategy for Congress. Today if North Eastern part of India has been completely devoid of development in the 30 years communists rule, it is only because the Communists want to destabilize the entire Northern region to help China. If there is Naxal, Marxist threats in East India, it is a ploy of the communists who want to separate Arunachal Pradesh and other states from India.

And these people are the ones who are being supported by Congress which is nothing but a B team of communists!

Credit : Rudrangshu Mukherjee


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