Do you know why 134 countries deported Pakistanis from their nation in last five years?

Pakistan enjoys no trust in the world. Other than being a sponsor of terror and a nation whose foundation is religious intolerance, it is a country that takes more glee in the pain and troubles of others than the prosperity of its own citizens. The gradual manner in which Pakistan has revealed its reality has also had a massive impact on Pakistani nationals travelling or living abroad.

In the last 5 years, over 5 lakh Pakistanis have been deported from 134 countries, including countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India and even its ‘all-weather’ friend China.

It is common for Pakistanis to be deported from nations like Saudi Arabia, the UAE and a few EU member states, but it has been found out that even much smaller nations have kicked Pakistanis out from their land that include nations like Laos, Togo, Port Louis, Liberia, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Botswana, Burundi, Madagascar, Malawi, Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Angola, and Ethiopia. Such is the ‘respect’ that the world holds for Pakistan!

Pakistan’s Interior Ministry placed details of the deportation before the Senate: Of the 544,105 Pakistanis deported, 71,723 were expelled in 2012; 79,539 in 2013; 78,409 in 2014; 116,185 in 2015; 111,084 in 2016; and 87,165 in just the first six months of 2017.

The most fascinating fact is that of the top 7 nations who’ve deported most Pakistanis 5 are Muslim nations – Saudi Arabia topped the list, followed by the UAE, Oman, Malaysia, the UK, Turkey, and Greece.

India deported 12 Pakistanis in 2012; 6 in 2013; 13 in 2014; 10 in 2015; 5 in 2016; and 3 by June this year. The falling number is also due to the fact that the Modi government has drastically reduced giving visas to Pakistanis unless the case is an absolute medical emergency. Pakistan’s friend China deported 240 Pakistanis; 26 in 2012; 39 in 2013; 36 in 2014; 46 in 2015; 80 in 2016; and 13 by June this year.

Among non-Brexit EU countries, Greece tops the list with 16,591 Pakistani deportees, followed by Italy with 887, Germany with 815, France with 798, Spain with 408, Belgium with 315, Norway with 265, and Austria with 248 deportees from January 2012 till June 2017. Other notable European deporting states were Sweden with 98, the Netherlands with 123, Bulgaria with 165, Cyprus with 316, Romania with 145, and Switzerland with 58 Pakistanis deported during this period. The US deported 832 Pakistanis, while Canada sent home 337. Pakistanis were also deported from war-torn countries in the Middle East – Iraq deported 27 Pakistanis in 2012; 85 in 2013; 79 in 2014; 102 in 2015; 121 in 2016; and another 90 till June this year.Yemen deported 16 each in 2012 and 2013; seven in 2014; 49 in 2015; and seven by June of this year. Syria deported 33 Pakistani nationals, all of them in 2012. Libya deported 50 Pakistanis in 2012; 59 in 2013; 129 in 2014; 48 in 2015; one in 2016 and four by June this year. Iran deported 10,346 Pakistanis in 2012, followed by 6,358 in 2013, declining sharply to 50 in 2014; 71 in 2015; 78 in 2016; and 50 by June this year. Meanwhile, western neighbour Afghanistan deported a total of 32 Pakistanis – one each in 2012 and 2013; 29 in 2014; and one in 2016.

The reasons identified for the deportation of Pakistanis were overstaying visas, lost passports, passport retained by visa sponsors or employers, illegal immigration, entry refused, and other illegal. It is clear that Pakistani nationals aren’t trusted by governments abroad. The reality of this terrorist state is being recognized by nations, more so by Muslim countries.

Vinayak Jain