Do you know why Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t mentioned the word “Modi” since last 11 months?

Part-time Chief Minister and passionate Modi abuser is silence since March 9th, 2017. Even after winning 67 seats in the Delhi Assembly election, the so-called revolutionary leader assumed that bashing PM Modi is his ultimate aim rather than providing good governance. This Modi hater had reached such a pinnacle that he would have had blamed PM Modi even if he there was an earthquake in Delhi.

But to everyone’s surprise, it didn’t happen. Arvind Kejriwal underwent such a huge transformation that he didn’t even take out Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name in any of his tweets. Now, you may think that why Mr Arvind Kejriwal is not taking PM Modi’s name in any of his abusive tweets.

“Modi declares emergency in Delhi”, “dictatorial Modi govt” and “Isn’t Modi govt anti-army”!

Yes, this is how the Delhi CM was abusing the elected Prime Minister of the nation. But since March 9th, 2017, Mr Kejriwal hasn’t used the word “Modi” in his tweets. Arvind Kejriwal mentioned PM Modi 124 times in the year 2016 and 33 times in the year 2017 up to March 9th but now he has completely forgotten PM Modi’s name. Why is it so?

“If we continue to target him he will get a chance to play the victimhood card”, said Saurabh Bharadwaj, AAP MLA from Greater Kailash.

What the director of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies revealed?

“If you keep attacking a person who is already popular, people would think you have some kind of an agenda. In fact, that is the image that Arvind Kejriwal had built—all the time busy attacking Modi, reasonably and unreasonably, which gave him bad press”, said Sanjay Kumar, director of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies.

But now, several political analysts and even AAP leader said that Arvind Kejriwal has tarnished his own image by attacking PM Modi. That’s why he has self-introspected and decided not to attack PM Modi in a shallow way. By this, he is trying to act like a more matured politician and not just an abuser.

“It is evident that the AAP has lost the trust of the middle class and they need to win back the trust if they have to keep Delhi,” said political analyst Neerja Chowdhury.

Even though Arvind Kejriwal has stopped abusing PM Modi, his party hasn’t stopped blaming others for their failure in governance. AAP Chief spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said “Initially people wanted to know why works in Delhi were not being done and we had to explain to them in the first two years. Now people understand that LG is not allowing many works and files go through him”.

Another AAP leader said that “It (attacking Modi) was not taking us anywhere and we decided to rather focus on governance”.

Look at this reason tweet of Arvind Kejriwal, he hasn’t stopped blaming BJP government for each and every scam that took place during the Congress government!

  • BJP govt should give specific timelines by when will they bring Vijay Mallya and Neerav Modi back to India. By when will the money be recovered from them?

Source: https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/heres-why-arvind-kejriwal-hasnt-mentioned-the-word-modi-on-twitter-in-last-11-mo/308333

Hansika Raj


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