Do you know why the NASA is stunned after discovering a Sri Yantra in the United States of America?

There still remains to be an unsolved mystery in one of the most developed countries in the world, the United States of America. All the American Scientists are into a deep research to seek out this mystery of how the Sri Yantra of Hindus landed in America. Idaho Air National Guard’s pilot Bill Miller was on his regular training flight on August 10, 1990. Suddenly, he saw a strange shape on the sand of a dry lake in Oregon province.

The shape was about a quarter mile wide and about three inches deep in the surface. Bill Miller was shocked because he had not seen any shape since about 30 minutes before he took off this route. Apart from this, many other pilots also used to fly continuously through this route. The reaction of that was never seen by those who made it. The shape of the figure was so big that it was not possible to lose sight of anyone.

Military officer Miller immediately reported it to his higher officials, who wrote in his report that, some distance away from the Oregon province, 70 miles away from the City of Burns is showing a mysterious figure. He also mentioned this in his report. These shapes appear to be the texture of a machine with its shape and rows.

This news was kept hidden from the public for almost 30 days so that there would be no congestion at that place. But still, on 12th September 1990, the press came to know about it First Boise TV station gave this breaking news to its audience. As soon as people saw that figure, immediately understood that it is the sacred symbol of Hinduism “Shrine”. But nobody had the answer to the fact that how this huge figure of Hindu spiritual energy came on the deserted site of Oregon and why?

On 14th of September, the United States Associated Press and Oregon’s band bulletin also showed prominently and debates were discussed over this news. When the newspapers contacted the famous architects and engineers of the city, they also expressed tremendous wonder on this figure and said that even if the survey of the land was filled up to make such a large figure, then at least one hundred thousand dollars Will have to be spent on the extremely complex structure of the artistry and its a difficult design, when it is difficult to make it on plain paper, it is extremely difficult and long work to make this design on the ground in a half-mile length-width in a dry lake, this huge. The shape cannot be made overnight.

This practical conclusion was guessed that it is certainly not a human work. This conclusion was followed after all the calculations, because as large as it was and it was not possible to stand on the ground after looking at its composition and the length-width of fixed lines. Rather, the shape could not be seen even after standing on the ground, it needed hundreds of feet to see it whole.

Eventually, all the scholars, professors, theologians, atheists, representatives of other religions agreed that this shape is definitely the result of a mysterious event. Even if the doubts of scientists were not overcome, then the two scientists, Don Neumann and Ellen Decker, who had studied at the UFO, visited this shape site on September 15th  and wrote in their report that they were not able to sight any machine or tire marks around this figure. But the wheels of their own large station wagon were immediately visible on those rocks and sand.

Dr. James Dedroof of Oregon University also wrote a research paper related to UFO and paranormal forces on this phenomenon, which was published in 1991 under the name “A Symbol on the Oregon Desert”. In his research paper, he writes that the US government could not finally give any concrete information about this divine incident to its citizens, because no one actually knew that the huge form of the shrine was built there.

Many atheists believe that this story is fake and there is a connotation of trying to prove that the image is human-made. But despite using all its resources, tractors, solutions, ropes, meters, large scale for measuring etc., the shape of that shrine could not be constructed even half the shape evenly and straight. To this day, this secret is unresolved and it cannot be solved. But one thing is clear that the essence of Hindu religion is spread in each corner of the world and no one can lie about the existence of Hinduism.