This doctor in Mumbai threatens to kill Hindu patients in her clinic!

Until now we had seen killing in the name of Jihad, but today this lady doctor in Mumbai has swore to kill Hindu patients in her clinic because some random guy on facebook made statements against Pakistan and Islam. This conversation supposedly happened after India lost match with Pakistan.

She brazenly said that she will kill all the Hindu patients who are on dialysis in her clinic. Her post went viral on Facebook and Twitter and few people informed the Mumbai police to take note of her threats. People feared going to her hospital and asked all Hindus patients to leave the hospital immediately.

After the police enquired about her, she started to play victim card saying her laptop was stolen and did not have the password. But people were not dumb to believe her and thrashed her for having such cruel intentions. In India, we call doctors “Vaidyo Narayano Harihi” , meaning “Doctor is a form of Lord Narayana” (Doctors are considered Gods who save lives), but this lady swears to kill Hindu patients which itself shows the mindset. The hospital she works also has a day care centre and God knows what will she do to the small kids there.

Such people are a disgrace to the society who use religion to as a tool to threat people. Will she see the patient’s religion before she gives treatment to them? Imagine if every doctor in India take this stand….what would happen to the country!


Aishwarya S