Kejriwal Says: Hum AAP-Ke Hain Kaun???

Since two weeks, entire Delhi has been hit by Chikungunya, Dengue and Malaria. But none of the top ministers of the Delhi government are in Delhi. From health minister, Labour minister, Environmental minister, Deputy Chief Minister to Chief Minister no one is available in Delhi.

CM Kejriwal is getting 5-star treatment in Bangalore Hospital, Dy CM Manish Sisodia in Finland enjoying his holidays, Labour Minister in Chhattisgarh, Environmental Minister  on HAJ trip, Helath Minister in Goa….So who is watching Delhi??  Kejriwal has shamelessly said “Question Jung and Modi about Delhi” So why did he take the responsibility as CM?


We all very well remember how Kejriwal mocked Ex-Delhi CM Sheila Dixit that she was helpless and we don”™t need such helpless CM. Kejriwal has infact turned out to be worst than Sheila Dixit.


The death toll of Chikungunya have raised to 10, but AAP Health Minister says “NO ONE DIES OF CHIKUNGUNYA”.


From past 3-4 days every news channel and media are questioning the AAP government, but not one minister has taken responsibility. Instead they are giving bizarre excuses and blaming Modi, LG and MCD.


Kejriwal thinks blaming Modi will help him gain sympathy, but people have seen enough drama to believe everything he says. Delhi CM says he has no money to buy SINGLE PEN, but how did his expense on SAMOSA cross Rs 1 CRORE??? Dint Modi snatch money for that??



AAP”™s Ashutosh wasted no time to blame centre for crimes in Delhi, But has no answer to Delhi”™s health issues.


However there is one person who has spoken true about Kejriwal. YES the doctor who treated Kejriwal in Bangalore has said “Kejriwal’s tongue is too big for his Mouth”. He is absolutely correct. Probably Kejriwal should consider this statement seriously and work more and talk less!!!


Aishwarya S