Does India Require Another Partition?

Let’s start by asking the Very basic questions…are all Indians equal? Should law be equal to all?

If yes, then why not have One Nation One Law?

When we argue that all India’s should be treated equally, people should not be discriminated on basis of caste or religion why are some so-called Muslim body clerics opposing one nation one law?

Ever since the discussion of UCC came into picture the only people Who are against it are Muslim religious leaders. They are being supported by none other than so-called intellectuals and secular parties who rant about equality and orchestrate fake drama of award Wapsi pretending to fight for fundamental rights.

From 2-3 days there has been numerous debates going on TV discussing the implementation of one nation one law. On times now a man called Mufti Pirzada Who represented the Muslim cleric spoke against UCC. He said he considers himself as MUSLIM BEFORE INDIAN….and QURAN COMES BEFORE CONSTITUTION!

Immediately Arnab Goswami asked whether calling himself Indian first will make him less Hindu than others ??? Isn’t it shocking to know the mindset of these religious leaders, is this what those people who themselves secular consider???

India should be lucky to have them!!!

John Dayal a man who uses American platform to spread hated and malign India when asked whether America allows Muslims to follow Sharia law had no answer.

One of the main reasons Pakistan was separated from India was because India refuse to accept Sharia laws or any other religious laws as part of legislative law. And exactly why Pakistan is ruled by Islamic laws while India is ruled by Indian Laws.

If people consider religion is bigger than Constitution then they should probably be a country which follows religious laws. Let’s keep aside their beliefs for a minute and think rationally why secular parties and Muslim clerics are opposing UCC.

These religious leaders enjoy immense power in the name of religion, they make people follow them, respect them and obey their orders. They keep innocent people in dark and utilize them for their political Benefits. Do you think they want to give up all this??

Coming to secular parties… Their entire survival tactic surrounds the vote bank politics, they fund religious leaders and win their community votes, so why will they ever oppose them??But the real people of who suffer by these irrational laws are Innocent women who have no one to hear their plea or sufferings.

Women empowerment cannot happen just by distributing freebies and talking big, giving them equal rights and respect in society and helping them to be independent is the real way of empower them. The Government of India had done right thing by opposing triplet talaq and polygamy.

It is time that our law stops these fake seculars from misusing women and innocents for their political gain.

Aishwarya S


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