Why Doesn’t Kejriwal Ever Behave Like a Professional Chief Minister??

Never has there been a politician like Arvind Kejriwal. Usually the term used for people who are hypocrites is two-faced, but this man is a multi-faceted liar. He is incredibly adept at adorning different masks for different occasions & for different audiences. Talented, he very much is!

His lies are so frequent these days that it has actually become hard to keep track of them. Until he became Delhi’s Chief Minister in 2013, two of his most famous ‘U-turns’ were –

  • He cursed the ‘chair’ saying that whosoever sat on it developed problems & began working for his own interests. He also said that he would never join politics, but he did exactly that.
  • He swore on his children on national television that he would never take support from any party to form government, yet he didn’t hesitate even once before taking Congress’s support to come into power.

But now his lies have taken a different image altogether. He made lofty promises before Delhi’s re-election & it’s been two years since he’s been in power & he hasn’t even partly fulfilled any of those.

Making promises & retracting from them is an old habit of Indian politicians. But what surprises & even angers people is that he no longer even behaves like a chief minister.

  • He abuses the Prime Minister of the country, & other senior politicians openly.
  • He spreads panic on Twitter by endorsing & re-tweeting false information mentioned by paid AAP trolls.
  • He talks about religion & caste-politics & explicitly inducts the same into his working.
  • He questions the Indian Army’s integrity just because it suits his politics (& the interests of those funding him from abroad).
  • He accuses opposition leaders of corruption & bribery (without a shred of proof), & makes slandering comments on them which then go on to invite defamation cases.
  • Instead of contributing to the growth of the capital & the country, he is hell-bent on becoming an obstacle in every positive step taken by the government just because he is paid to create anarchy & develop an anti-Modi impression.

His level of politics is so despicable that he doesn’t deserve to even contest for an esteemed office like the one he’s currently holding. As it is he doesn’t have any acceptance around the nation, & whatever mass acceptability he had in Delhi & Punjab is fast vanishing. No wonder some time back he was voted in a survey as the most hated Indian!

Vinayak Jain