Why doesn’t Nepal cut off all ties and treaties with India and become happy with China?

Bhutan and Nepal are the two countries that have formed a buffer between India and China (ever since Tibet was annexed by China in 1949). While Bhutan continues to be on the Indian side of the diplomatic divide separating New Delhi and Beijing, Nepal has always looked for better bargain from its both big neighbors.

Nepal’s Prime Minister SherBahadurDeuba was in New Delhi on a five-day state visit. India and Nepal signed eight bilateral pacts after comprehensive talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Nepalese counterpart Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Deuba said that Nepal would “never allow any anti-India activities from its soil.” But, he has not said anything on Doklam standoff to suggest that Nepal has reconsidered its neutral stand on the matter.

Such acts sometimes raise doubts about Nepal’s commitments towards India, and sometimes People critical to Nepal’s policies raise questions that “why don’t Nepal cut off all ties and treaties with India and live happily with China”. We would like to answer this complex question today.

Honestly speaking, we don’t believe Nepal needs to cut off all ties with any country. When it comes to international relations, there is nothing called “friendship” there are only “interests” that countries have in each other.

There are few reasons why India helps Nepal, one of the biggest reason is the ancient relations between both the Nations. Apart from that there is an environment of togetherness between both the nations. The border has been almost open and there is a traditional business and cultural exchange between both the nations for many centuries.

Apart from that there is another reason ( From Nepal’s perspective) why India has helped Nepal so much in the past apart from out of humanity perspective is because it clearly wants its influence on the country all the time. India wants to keep distance with China and doesn’t want their influence on Nepal. This has been clear since Indian government has never been a supporter of communism in Nepal.

Now if we talk about China, It has been happy to help Nepal for the same reason. China too wants its influence on the country. We all know China is not a huge fan of “democracy” and supports communism and may even support “dictatorship” as a case with North Korea.

On the other hand Nepal is having vast experience of democracy, and we don’t think it will be able to cope up single party rule and dictatorship very well.

Nepal is a buffer state and has border with India and China both. They know that, both the Nations don’t want each other’s influence on Nepal, and Nepal is using this situation as a lever to their own advantage.

Nepal wants to be good friend to both of them and at the same time don’t want to be too close to any of them. Keeping good relations with both will bring good opportunities and investments. Nepal wants to establish good trade relations and cultural exchange with both countries. However, their politicians have completely failed to do so in the past and have been favoring one side over the other and this has caused huge disadvantage to Nepal.

If we see some recent instances, Nepal always maintains balance in relationship with both India and China, may be this is the only way out for a tiny Nation sandwiched between two Asian Giants.

Manish Sharma


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