Who doesn’t want REAL murderers of Gauri Lankesh to be caught, why?

Its already been a week since Gauri Lankesh was murdered in her residence by unknown miscreants, but police are clueless about the murderer. A day after her death, the Karnataka government set up an SIT probe to catch the killers of Gauri Lankesh. But even after a week, there has been no clear information or lead in the investigation.

What we have seen in past 7 days is that a hard effort by leftists and so called liberals who are desperately trying to blame the right wing for Gauri Lankesh murder. Take a look at the turn of events which are leading to suspicion. A day Gauri Lankesh was murdered, just within minutes, the left wing and pseudo liberal lobby all at the same time started to blame the BJP and RSS for the murder. Even before the police could start the investigation, they concluded and gave the verdict themselves that BJP was responsible for this gruesome act.

But a big blow came to them when brother of Gauri Lankesh, Indrajit Lankesh directly pointed at naxals saying she had previously received many threats from naxals and slammed Rahul Gandhi not to politicize the issue and demanded to provide evidence if he knows who the killers are.  The pseudo liberal’s narrative to blame BJP hit a road block. Indrajit Lankesh also expressed his apprehensions about  SIT and state police department in finding the real culprits. He openly declared he had no faith in the state government and demanded CBI probe. But Siddaramaiah government rejected the idea of giving the case to CBI and instead wanted the case to be under his control.

Suddenly, there are reports emerging in the media that the left lobby is trying to pressurize the government and police department to hide real facts in the murder. The police had initially suspected Vikram Gowda, the most wanted naxal and few other Andhra based naxal units behind Gauri Lankesh murder, but now the investigation process seems to have hit a road block with no further developments. Moreover, the police gave a clear hint that they are not able to move further in the case by announcing 10 Lakh reward to those who can give clue on Gauri’s murder.

Internal sources also said that few people from the left lobby met Gauri Lankesh’s mother and sister and compelled them to oppose CBI probe. Yesterday, few groups from the left organised a rally against the killing of Gauri Lankesh (#IamGauri) chanting slogans against BJP and RSS, immediately a minister from Siddaramaiah government even visited the venue and promised to extend all help. Interestingly, Indrajit, Gauri’s brother did not join the rally and only attended he gathering at the end of the event!!!

Siddaramaiah government who has not bothered to solve the problems of Anganwadi workers who are protesting day/night since past one week in freedom park is showing special interest in Gauri Lankesh protest.

Image result for women protest in bangalore for raise in salary in freedom park

Image result for women protest in bangalore for raise in salary in freedom park

Protest against Gauri’s murder, many left lobbyist smiling and having fun!

In past 4 years, there has been more than 5-6 deaths of BJP workers, IAS offices, IPS officers in Karnataka, but until now not one case has been solved…Why?

Are the state police so inefficient that ever after 4 years they are unable to nab the culprits. Writer Kalburgi was murdered 2 years back, and even today the police haven’t been able to find single clue in the case….why??

Is it because the murderers if caught will harm the Congress and left narrative against BJP? Is it because the murderers will reveal the involvement of few left lobbyists??

Don’t forget the police and intelligence agencies have best facilities and access to all information and they can crack the case within 3-4 days if they really want to. But what stops them is the involvement of government which doesn’t want the real culprits to be caught and they can continue building fake narrative of blaming BJP.

Aishwarya S