Don Dawood tracked down in an Island near Karachi… Do you know who is safe guarding this gangster?

India’s repeated charge that Pakistan has been providing shelter to terrorist and D-Company boss Dawood Ibrahim was vindicated when close aide Farooq Takla was arrested from Delhi airport last week. He has revealed to investigation agencies the details of his residence, safe house and his security contingent which is managed by Pakistan Rangers.

Dawood aide Farooq Takla reveals Dawood Ibrahim’s new safe house in Bara Anda island near Karachi. This island is protected by Pakistan coast guard commandos. The Island has secret escape route, that takes Dawood to Dubai in less than six hours.

India’s No 1 enemy Dawood Ibrahim tracked down on island near Pakistan’s Karachi

Sources have told that Takla confessed to Pakistan Rangers providing security cover to Dawood and his family in and around his bungalow in Karachi’s posh Clifton locality. He then goes on to elaborate on how the dreaded terrorist accused of masterminding the 1993 Bombay blasts – is whisked away to a safe house each time a foreign VVIP arrives in the country or when Indian government increases international pressure on Pakistan.

India’s number 1 enemy Dawood Ibrahim tracked down to an island near Karachi.

Pakistan has provided the underworld don with a luxurious safe house at an island near Karachi which is guarded by the Pakistani coast guard. The safe house also has an escape route mapped out which is made for Ibrahim to get out safely and travel to Dubai in a few hours if need be. Farooq Takla, who was arrested by the Indian authorities last week and a close aide of Dawood, was responsible for looking after the arrangements of his master whenever he was in Dubai. Takla is now being questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at their headquarters.

The safe house too is strategically located in an area called ‘Anda Group of Islands’ and none except Dawood and his wife are permitted in and around the area. Officials in the Pakistani establishment use a special frequency to speak with the Don. And while Pakistan Rangers deploy security personnel here as well, Pakistan’s Coast Guard conducts regular patrols to not just ensure safety for Dawood but also a safe passage to Dubai if and when required.

Takla has further revealed that the Pakistani establishment is capable of ferrying Dawood to Dubai’s safety in less than six hours in the face of threats and that he was responsible for handling matters for Dawood once he reached UAE. He has confessed that he not only received Dawood in Dubai once under such a scenario but also transported him to other locations here.

He said Dawood faced threats from elements within Pakistan and that a local gang and Chotta Rajan’s gang made separate attempts on his life between 2000 and 2005.

UPA Government approved Farooq Takla passport renewal!

This segment of Zee News brings to you information about big revelation on Farooq Takla, a close aide of gangster Dawood Ibrahim. According to sources, Farooq Takla’s passport was renewed in 2011 and at that time P. Chidambaram was Home Minister of the country. India’s number one enemy and a gangster Dawood Ibrahim’s close aide was allowed to renew his passport by the UPA Government. Watch this video for more information.

Takla, meanwhile in Dubai, used to drive taxis to evade authorities and has two sons there – one has completed his post-graduation and the other is studying commerce. He added that it was always his wish breathe his last in India where his ailing mother lives with his brother. And while Takla’s arrest does shed light on the modus operandi of D-Company boss, it is learnt that Takla has also claimed Indian authorities would never be able to bring Dawood back to India.

Dawood Ibrahim says he wants to come back to India and breathe his last here. Why being loyal suddenly? Indian govt should not adhere to his demands and allow him to die and show his love and loyalty to his country Pakistan. No one’s missing him here in India!

Under the Congress raj Dawood Ibrahim did bomb blast and left the country and they did nothing to catch him.. He talks to news reporters but Congress never did anything to put pressure on him, never said he is in Pakistan… Now the same Congress is pouncing on BJP for Nirav Modi scam.

Source: Zee News

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