Donald Trump Showers Praises On PM Modi During His Press Meet With Imran Khan! Pakistan PM Left Red-Faced As Trump Poured Scorn On Pakistani Reporter

A day after the Howdy Modi event, US President Donald Trump met Pakistan PM Imran Khan on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly Sessions in New York.

While Imran Khan looked nervous throughout the press meet, Trump showered praises on PM Narendra Modi. Trump said that “Modi made aggressive statements” at the Howdy Modi event and the crowd received them well.

PM Modi condemned terrorism and also attacked Pakistan for supporting terrorism during the Howdy Modi event. Donald Trump who was present at the event also accused Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism across the world.

Speaking on the Kashmir issue Trump claimed that if both India and Pakistan are willing I would be willing to mediate. He also claimed himself to be ‘an extremely good arbitrator’

Although, Trump has repeatedly offered to mediate in the Kashmir issue, India has given no scope for third party interference and maintained that Kashmir was a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan.

But Pakistan has gone all out to seek international help on the Kashmir issue.

However, Imran Khan once again asked Donald Trump to help in solving Pakistan’s trouble with India, Afghanistan and Iran.

Trump jokingly reacts saying” He lives in a friendly neighbourhood”

When Trump was questioned by the reporters regarding the Kashmir issue he said “I have very good relationship with Prime Minister Modi. I have very good relationship with Prime Minister Khan…I would be an extremely good arbitrator. I have never failed as an arbitrator,”

Although Trump avoided answering questions about the Kashmir   issue and stated the above in the same context.

Well, on the other hand, Trump slammed a reporter from Pakistan for asking lengthy questions on Kashmir, which embarrassed Imran Khan.

The reporter framed the question in such a way that it described India as an aggressor and Pakistan as a ‘peacemaker’.

Trump who was clearly irritated asked Imran Khan “Where do you get these reporters?” He then turned to the reporter and said “Are you from his (Imran Khan’s) team? You are saying things that you think. Yours is not a question but a statement”

Well, this clearly shows that desperate Pakistan is facing hard luck in seeking international help. Trump praising Modi with Imran Khan beside him is a proof of PM Modi’s importance in the US.

Although, a few journalists have slammed Trump stating that Trump being an opportunitst himself is playing mind games. They claim that he wants a trade deal with India and also do not want to harm the relations with Pakistan. Either ways it is will definitely not affect India.

Intrestingly,Pakistan’s Prime Minister has also declared himself as the ambassador of all Kashmiris. Taking that role forward, he spoke to US lawmakers, media, and human rights activists on September 22 and briefed them on the repercussions of India’s decision to strip the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, Imran Khan has been quite nosy and never missed an opportunity to make most use of the situation and issues in India while his own country is in a bad state. Well, irony is that with thousands being killed every day in Pakistan Imran Khan is more concerned and ‘sympathetic’ towardsIndia and its internal issues.

Sharanya Alva