Why don’t we hear terrorist infiltration news from Gujarat, Rajasthan or Punjab border? Why it is only from Jammu and Kashmir?

This is the question that loiters in the minds of every Indian who is concerned about Indians security. Why the terrorists infiltrate only through Kashmir? Why don’t they infiltrate through Gujarat, Punjab or Rajasthan borders?

Let me remind you that these three states-Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan- also share borders with terrorist nation Pakistan. But why don’t the terrorists infiltrate from these states?

Rann of Kutch in Gujarat!!!

The above picture is of ‘Rann of Kutch’ in Gujarat. By looking at the location itself we can say that it will be piece of cake to our soldiers to eliminate the terrorists if in case they try to infiltrate into India. Even if they try to infiltrate using boats, the defence personnel will easily detect the terrorists.

The above picture is from Indo-Pak border in the state of Rajasthan. Even from here, it is impossible for the terrorists to infiltrate into India as not just soldiers are guarding but even the fencing is done properly.

Now let us talk about Kashmir where we can hear encounters between Indian forces and terrorists every now and then. Have a look at the below pictures where the first one is from LOC and the second one is a hill from Srinagar.

Can you spot the difference? Yes, it is very difficult for the Indian soldiers to trace out the terrorists in Kashmir when compared to Rajasthan and Gujarat. The hilly and foggy Kashmir gives an advantage to the terrorists to infiltrate into Indian soil.

What are the other factors that are helping the terrorists to infiltrate through Kashmir?

• Not just the terrain, but even the sentiments of the people are helping the terrorists in Kashmir. Few lunatics who have anti-national sentiments regularly flutter Pakistani and ISIS flag in the Kashmir valley. This boosts the confidence of terrorists who are waiting to attack India.

• A bunch of traitors known as ‘separatists’ are found only in Kashmir. They do the back end services like funding the stone pelters, providing accommodations to terrorists and constantly poisoning the minds of the Kashmiri youths.

• Radicalisation is very high in Kashmir. Whereas, the term radicalisation is totally a new term in Gujarat, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Credits: Subhayan Purkayastha

Hansika Raj