Don”™t Let Bangalore Turn into JNU!!!

Recently United Theological College, Bangalore was in news for organizing anti National activities in college premises. The Amnesty International NGO which held a conference shouted Pro-Pakistani slogans and demanded azadi to Kashmir. It may have shocked many to see Bangalore being the victim of these terror outlets. Not many would have heard the Amnesty International NGO before the Bangalore incident. But their support to terrorism is not new. Their history would reveal shocking information as to how they have been fore runners for terror organizations.

In 2014, an interview to WSJ, the secretary general of Amnesty International Claudio Cordone, had said “jihad in self-defence . . . antithetical to human rights? Our answer is no” This reaction was in support to Moazzam Begg, a Pakistani-British National who was arrested in 2002 in Pakistan and shifted to Britain for involvement in terror activities and supporting the ISIS in Syria. He spent in jail for 3 years before he was released in 2005. Since then the Amnesty International has been sharing dias with Begg and organizing many “Human Rights” lectures in various countries. Begg has been openly endorsing Taliban and their activities around the world. His association with Al Qaeda is very close and plays a main role in funding terror activities.

Gita Sahgal who was the heading Amnesty International gender unit in 2010, came in support of Begg and promoted his views on Taliban. Since then Amnesty international has been under severe scrutiny for their support to terrorists. The American and British Anti-Terror unit has kept Amnesty International under close watch for years now. In 2015, the UK spy agencies had revealed that the ex-director of Amnesty International Yasmin Hussein had personal links with radical Islamists in Syria and Egypt, The documents also revealed that her husband Wael Musabbeh was also named in the 2013 sedition trial in UAE. An investigation published by Times had revealed she had attended a private Muslim Brotherhood meeting with Adly al-Qazzaz in Egypt in 2012. Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization active in Bahrain, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Wael Musabbeh in 2013 was jailed for organizing terror camps, sedition and conspiracy. The organization has also been under severe scrutiny for supporting CAGE, an advocacy organization in London which is known for its Islamic Focus and sympathizing Jihadists. Prime Minister Cameron had demanded the shutdown of CAGE organization which had openly supported “JIHADI JOHN“.


So who gave permission to Amnesty International which has such close links to Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood organizations to hold a conference in United Theological College?? Why did the college which claims to have organized peaceful  talk on “Failures in Accountability for Human Rights violations by security force personal in Jammu and Kashmir” take police security in prior? Was the entire episode pre-planned to incite violence? Didn”™t the college check the records of Amnesty International before giving them permission, or was the college also involved in supporting Anti National activities? In-spite of huge protests in Bangalore since August 13th the state government hasn”™t taken the issue seriously and not one person from either the college or the NGO has been arrested or questioned. But instead the police have been told to lati charge and disperse the protesters for demanding action against the college.  Isn”™t this the limit to play politics, putting the national security at stake! These organizations will be terror breeders in future if no appropriate action is taken.

After the Bangalore episode, an incident has been reported from Siddharth College,Tumkur, Karnataka  where 3 boys from UP started shouting PAKISTAN ZINDABAAD last night.  Shockingly this college belongs to none other than the HOME MINISTER of Karnataka G Parameshwar.

It”™s very clear that schools and college are now the target of Islam radicals and few politicians who aren”™t hesitating to destroy the Nation for their political games.  It”™s horrendous to see so many Pakistani and Jihadi sympathisers in our own country!

Bangalore and Karnataka which is known to be peaceful and safe is being injected with anti social elements. Congress state government to save their vote banks is indeed playing a dangerous game supporting Anti National activities. Never before had we seen such open threat to nation.

CM Siddaramaiah ji keep politics aside and take firm action!

Aishwarya S