We don’t need PM Modi for ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’ but these group of people will make it!

Indian National Congress was founded in 28 December 1885 where AO Hume took charge as general secretary and Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee was elected as president of Congress. At that time it was not thought that it will become a platform of loot by Nehru (fake Gandhi) dynasty.

Nehru dynasty first entered into Congress when Motilal Nehru became president in 1919-20. After a gap of decade during his presidential time Motilal Nehru transferred his presidentship to Jawaharlal Nehru in 1929 and this was the time Nehru dynasty actually started and grip increases.

After independence Jawaharlal Nehru captured and took all credit of success and became Prime Minister despite of the fact that Sardar Patel was appointed as PM.

He continued to hold his position of PM until he died in 1964.

This dynasty actually has all kind of Nexus, There is enough proof how JL Nehru spied over Bose and Bhagat Singh family and transferred information to British intelligence and Russian intelligence. All global powers get cozy with this dynasty and dynasty started blooming. After death of Nehru, Shastriji become PM and everyone knows what had happened to him at Tashkent agreement and it was also planned by dynasty because global power and dynasty both wants the same.

Indira Gandhi the biggest dictator till now had grip all over nation and she started to spread dynasty powers. She started looting treasury of Rajasthan and MP. She started taking bribes in each project and making dynasty god for India. Indira Son Sanjay Gandhi openly used to take bribes and he went out of control in this loot and finally assassinated with minute planning by dynasty itself. After the emergency global powers know that dynasty is losing grip over government, hence global power started to enter into dynasty and this was the time when Sonia Gandhi (adopted name) planted by KGB Russian intelligence into dynasty. Rajiv Gandhi married an unknown girl who was working in Italian bar was something which can’t be digested.

This lady is described by many writers and most importantly the media house almost all which is funded by Russia started branding her like Bahu of Bharat. Global power knows she will not get ultimate power till Rajiv Gandhi is alive and hence Rajiv Gandhi assassinated. Anyone can read how Rajiv killed and it is now not a hidden secret.

LTTE were paid heavily to kill Rajiv and since then Sonia Gandhi who was even a part of Indira killing started rule of India. You can read Indira’s death and how she was sent delayed to hospital of about 30 minutes due to Sonia’s decision to transfer her to AIIMS.

Sonia Gandhi hated Narsimha Rao, then Prime Minister and it’s vice versa too. After she gained grip over party post Rajiv assassination and played a sympathetic card she became popular using media. She make groups of people bribed them, reward them and make her slaves. These are intellectual slaves. She made Smt. Pratibha Patil president who was dummy president and then she made her biggest problem solver Pranab Mukherjee president. Actually it was Pranab who wanted to get out of this mud when he understood that Sonia is creating non defensive circumstances of corruption.

Sonia Gandhi made PM Manmohan Singh face of all corruption and looted India. In 5 years from 2004 to 2009 Congressmen understood that Sonia Gandhi had looted huge and hence they also became greedy and wanted the share. They thought she will not be able to win 2009 but she won 2009 and surprised everyone. It leads to increase in desperation within the coalition. It is this phase 2009-2014 when all parties in coalition allowed to do rampage corruption and slave Manmohan Singh consistently said – “Gathbandhan Ki Majbooriyan Hain”. Corruption was so out of control that everybody gets exposed and hence 2014 they lose badly.

Since then, there was a constant project going on inside Congress to weaken dynasty. Dynasty when won 2009 then this project had been started.

There are 2-3 different groups inside Congress and each group has its miles inside the closest layer of dynasty.

Closest layer includes Motilal Vohra and Ahmad Patel. Then another layer is there of think tanks and then state leaders which include Digvijay Singh, Pilot, Scindia, Kamal Nath, Chidambaram, Tharoor etc.

Let me give you recent example first – Goa elections – This state can easily be governed by Congress but failed and Digvijay Singh is first leader which is not exposed and dynasty can take action if they want to. In Goa Congress had 17 seats, cousin brother of Rajdeep Sardesai, Vijay Sardesai had 3 seats and 1 Candidate of Sharad Pawar led NCP it combined together to form 21 majority. All this coalition has 200% more chances than BJP coalition. But what Digvijay did was excellent. He really did nothing and gave BJP more than enough time to negotiate to fetch impossible Goa.

Now As You get one example let me come to the point.

Ahmad Patel is financial manager and he is weakening dynasty by financial losses, dynasty lost huge amount in Goa, UP and Punjab. It’s really huge. Advises being given to dynasty is via Trojan horse. Within MP there are three leaders Kamal Nath, Scindia and Digvijay Singh. All three are working to come close to dynasty to ruin it and have different reasons for that.

What do you think? Why who and how someone writes so funny speeches of Rahul Gandhi continuously despite there is a Think Tank which is heavily paid by dynasty? Is it a coincidence or a planner deterioration of dynasty. Favorite slave of dynasty was Pranab Mukherji who became president and now no use. Second best slave was Manmohan Singh who is systematically being attacked and his image has been degraded very badly recently. Who is asking this 90 year approx man to speak against Narendra Modi and despite knowing that his image will be tarnished.

PM never target Sonia Gandhi directly why? It is because to destroy Sonia Gandhi Trojan horse is enough. Narendra Modi didn’t want to take a risk against this powerful dynasty. This dynasty is actually a global mafia links and can do anything and its needs a slow poison by own men and it is getting that. I expect with the current trend that something Big Bang is going to happen soon within Congress. It is purely a silence before storm.

Abhishek Singh