“Don’t Run Away, Come, Explain The Funding of Your Party” Yogendra Yadav Challenges Arvind Kejriwal

Friend turned foe Yogendra Yadav has challenged AAP to have a debate with him and come clean on the funding row. Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav says AAP has been involved in huge scam of collecting donations without mentioning the source and he has challenged the party to have a debate on the topic and prove their point.

“AAP challenges all parties, but runs away debating from us” tweeted Mr Yadav. “Is this hypocrisy or AAPs lack of democratic spirit” questions Yadav in the same tweet.

It all started when IT department sent a notice to AAP, asking them to explain about the discrepancies found in the donors’ list submitted to tax authorities and copy put up on the Aam Admi Party’s website.

To add to the woes of the party, ‘rebel’ MLA from Bijaswan, Mr Devinder Sehrawat has directly attacked the party along with the two photographs of cheques belonging to a certain bank which he claims to be the proof of AAP being a corrupt party which doesn’t practice what it preaches. These two tweets completely expose the hypocrisy of the party and also raise a question in the viewers mind with regards to transparency and honesty of the top leaders of the party.

Mr Sehrawat claims that AAP has received two cheques worth Rs 70 crores (35 crores each) from a fake company in an Axis Bank account. He tweets, “Cheque of 35 Cr favouring AAP issued by companies established to be bogus, with Ghost Director & Fake PAN Card, Newly opened bank account”. His second tweet follows which reads, “Second Cheque facouring AAP, Again a bogus company. Again Axis bank new account. Bogus Director, Company with earlier donations record”.

If these tweets are established to be true and law breakers found, this is going to be an end of a party which came to power promising honest and transparent administration to the people of Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal who stands completely exposed, will receive another big blow if these charges are proved to be true. This blow will have a significant impact on his political career as State Election are nearing and this issue of bogus companies will shatter all the dreams of AAP coming into power in any of the five states.

AAP’s national treasurer Raghav Chadha has described the error as ‘inadvertent’. But Swaraj India seems to be in no mood to believe the words of AAP’ national treasurer. “This again is incredulous. How come the party made these errors for two consecutive years? Why were these not corrected even after first notice from IT authorities?” questions Swaraj India, seeking an response from AAP.

Here we should remember that a few days ago even Anti-Corruption crusader Anna Hazare had questioned the intentions of the party in his letter to Arvind Kejriwal in which he asked why is AAP deviating from its stated principles of “Financial probity and transparency”.

First Anna’s letter, now Yogendra Yadav’s challenge of a debate over the alleged funding row and images claimed to be proof by Col. Devinder Singh exposes AAP of its hypocrisy and also reveals the fact that it claims to be a party with difference but has its foot deeply rooted in corruption and fraud. This is not an end but just the beginning, with state elections to come and AAP contesting those elections many other cases involving AAP and its members come into forelight which will make it very difficult for the Delhi Chief Minister to claim he is the most honest politician in India and might also result in drawing an end to his and party’s political career.

Ramchandra Bhat