Double Standards of Congress! When Congress wins Rahul Gandhi wins, when it loses EVMs have been tampered with

Yesterday was a day which doesn’t go well along with many supporters of PM Modi Government. The results of Assembly Elections in five states came as an unexpected shock for the BJP as well as its supporters. Although Congress was able to sweep the “Hindi Heartland” states but there was nothing such as incumbency as predicted earlier and neck to neck fight between both the parties (Congress & BJP) was witnessed. It is very clear from the results that the people has not rejected BJP but a slight difference in votes and NOTA contributed in the loss of BJP.

The day was well packed with the celebrations in Congress and BJP analysing the situation where things moved out of the way. Amidst of all, what is noteworthy is that nothing from Congress side was heard about the EVMs yesterday in the states where it was winning. On the other side where it lost in Telangana the party raised EVM issue again.

The party suspected that EVMs have been manipulated in the state and submitted a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer, Rajat Kumar, requesting counting of VVPAT papers in all the assembly segments of the state.
The Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee’s Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy after the results on Telangana Assembly Elections said, “I am having doubts on results we’re getting in Telangana ballot paper counting. We doubt that tampering could have been done in EVMs. Slips should be counted in VVPATs.”

It exposes the hypocrisy of Congress party. The states where the party is winning it owe the credit of its victory to Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi and refer it as people’s win and win of democracy whereas the states in which it has lost again EVM’s are faulty.

Actually the thing is EVM’s work according to Congress party. All of sudden all EVM’s become correct where Congress win and the hero of the victory is Congress President “ Rahul Gandhi” whereas when the Congress party is dethroned by the people’s mandate then party president doesn’t holds any responsibility. Faulty EVM’s and BJP tampering the EVMs are the major reasons of the loss

It is shamelessness of Congress party which always create this hype of EVMs to defend their failure. Even the video surfaced few days ago has now also revealed the dirty plans of Congress in which Congress workers have themselves accepted that this EVM theory is false and it was said to them to create the hype of faulty EVMs. Congress should look at BJP leaders and learn from them how respectfully they have accepted their failure. Not even a single BJP leader or BJP supporter has come up with such kind of stupid theories as Congress always had propagated.

Congress should gracefully accept the mandate of the people whatever it may be, either positive or negative and should also not raise questions on the integrity of institution of Election Commission of India. The Election Commission has always conducted free and fair elections. It is one of the most reputed bodies of India which has worked towards strengthening the roots of democracy. Congress should not insult the organization for their political benefits and attacks on opposition

Source : Rightlog


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