Dr. B. R Ambedkar himself has rejected the Theory of Aryan Invasion! Then, who else influenced Indian society to rise clash between Aryans and Indian race? You will be shocked to know!

It seems so funny to me when someone comes with Aryan Invasion theory for every three to six months. I do not whether they have researched about the Aryans or those who come up with some theories wants this issue alive in Indian society! Surprisingly, they never give you any theories from ancient Vedas, but foreign research studies.

This looks funny to me! People who do not know any mythos of the Indian race, who cannot understand Puranas, who do not know any ancient languages of Indus civilization gives judgemental theories on Aryan – Dravidian invasion. Please, let’s hold claps for them! Now, its Shashi Taroor’s turn! He shared a new research prolonged with new theories of Aryans in twitter! Guess what! All leftists, anti-Hindu nationalists are so happy!

Well, the very first misassumption of Aryan was a different race, which invaded India from outside and attacked Indian race which was then called as Dasyu! Though they did not prove that Aryan race was from outside, they have successfully created some theories which divert the truth from present Indian society!

Though, some say that they are Aryans and Dr B. R . Ambedkar is a true Aryan etc- I would like to question those who pull Ambedkar’s into this issue just because to show off that they are secular, true race and to get some attention. Did ever Ambedkar said that he is an Aryan from outside of India?

To be frank, In his book “Who Were the Shudras?” which is written in 1946, Ambedkar viewed the Shudras as Aryan and adamantly rejected the Aryan invasion theory, describing it as “so absurd that it ought to have been dead long ago. Ambedkar viewed Shudras as originally being “part of the Kshatriya Varna in the Indo-Aryan society”, but became socially degraded after they inflicted many tyrannies on Brahmins.

According to Arvind Sharma, Ambedkar noticed certain flaws in the Aryan invasion theory that were later acknowledged by western scholarship. For example, scholars now acknowledge anās in Rig Veda 5.29.10 refers to speech rather than the shape of the nose. Ambedkar anticipated this modern view by stating: The term Anasa occurs in Rig Veda V.29.10. What does the word mean?!

There are two interpretations. One is by Prof. Max Muller. The other is by Sayanacharya. According to Prof. Max Muller, it means ‘one without nose’ or ‘one with a flat nose’ and has as such been relied upon as a piece of evidence in support of the view that the Aryans were a separate race from the Dasyus. And, how the max-muller who never knew anything about Indian race and ancient India, started to influence the Indian society. Believing his ideologies, the Marxists, who unfortunately born in India began their flaws over Hindu society using some outlander’s “proof-less” theories.

Sayanacharya says that it means ‘mouthless,’ i.e., devoid of good speech. This difference of meaning is due to the difference in the correct reading of the word Anasa. Sayanacharya reads it as an-asa while Prof. Max Muller reads it as a-nasa. As read by Prof. Max Muller, it means ‘without a nose.’ Question is: which of the two readings is the correct one? There is no reason to hold that Sayana’s reading is wrong. On the other hand, there is everything to suggest that it is right. In the first place, it does not make nonsense of the word.

Secondly, as there is no other place where the Dasyus are described as noseless, there is no reason why the word should be read in such a manner as to give it an altogether new sense. It is only fair to read it as a synonym of Mridhravak. There is, therefore, no evidence in support of the conclusion that the Dasyus belonged to a different race.

Ambedkar disputed various hypotheses of the Aryan homeland being outside India and concluded the Aryan homeland was India itself. According to Ambedkar, the Rig Veda says Aryans, Dāsa and Dasyus were competing for religious groups, not different peoples.

Dr Ambedkar also quoted three verses from Rigveda which has already claimed that Aryans and Dasyus were not racial.

(1) Rig Veda, vi. 33.3.—”Oh, Indra, Thou has killed both of our Opponents, the Dasas and the Aryas.”

(2) Rig Veda, vi.60.3— “Indra and Agni—these protectors of the good and righteous suppress the Dasas and Aryas who hurt us.”

(3) Rig Veda, vii.81.1.— “Indra and Varuna killed the Dasas and Aryas who were the enemies of Sudas and thus protected Sudas from them.”

(4) Rig Veda, viii.24.27.—”Oh you, Indra, who saved us from the hands of the cruel Rakshasas and from the Aryas living on the banks of the Indus, do thou deprive the Dasas of their weapons.”

(5) Rig Veda, X.38.3.—“Oh, you much revered Indra, those Dasas and Aryas who axe irreligious and who are our enemies, make it easy for us with your blessings to subdue them. With your help, we shall kill them.”

(6) Rig Veda, X.86.19.—Oh, You Mameyu, you give him all powers who plays you. With your help, we will destroy our Arya and our Dasyu enemies.

He says:

(1) The Shudras were one of the Aryan communities of the Solar race.
(2) There was a time when the Aryan society recognised only three Varnas, namely. Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas.
(3) The Shudras did not form a separate Varna. They ranked as part of the Kshatriya Varna in the Indo-Aryan society.
(4) There was a continuous feud between the Shudra kings and the Brahmins in which the Brahmins were subjected to many tyrannies and indignities.
(5) As a result of the hatred towards the Shudras generated by their tyrannies and oppressions, the Brahmins refused to perform the Upanayana of the Shudras.
(6) Owing to the denial of Upanayana, the Shudras who were Kshatriyas became socially degraded, fell below the rank of the Vaishyas and thus came to form the fourth Varna.

The page 68 in his book reveals that there is no such race called Aryans which is mentioned in Vedas!!

(1)The Vedas do not know any such race as the Aryan race.

(2) There is no evidence in the Vedas of any invasion of India by the Aryan race and it’s having conquered the Dasas and Dasyus, supposed to be natives of India.

(3) There is no evidence to show that the distinction between Aryans, Dasas and Dasyus was a racial distinction.

(4) The Vedas do not support the contention that the Aryans were different in colour from the Dasas and Dasyus

So, from all these, we can say that Ambedkar himself opposed this Aryan Invasion theory. I hope that these so-called intellectuals who were just showing themselves as they know everything about Aryans should shut their mouth which is poisoning Hindu society to its roots. Because the truth will come out and these intellectuals will not find any place to stand in the society where they are standing now making headlines in all the news channels as celebrities.

Source: Who were the Shudras? by Dr B.R.Ambedkar