Dr BR Ambedkar’s grandson makes a shocking statement saying “Those who sing Vande Mataran are Anti-Indian”

Backing the insane comments that came from the AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, grandson of the ‘Father of Indian constitution’, BR Ambedkar, and Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM) chief Prakash Ambedkar has hit a major controversy by stating that the National song of India, Vande Mataram isn’t needed when there is already a National anthem in place.

In an unexpected statement received from the grandson of the ‘Father of Indian constitution’ himself, has sent a shocker wave all over the Nation, as the statement heard has angered every patriotic in India. In an attempt to gain fame or in support of the AIMIM chief, the grandson of Ambedkar has triggered a major controversy.

This statement came while he was addressing the media in Parbhani district of Mahashtra, Prakash Ambedkar was quizzed upon his views on the national song, something which Owaisi is completely against. He replied by saying:

“When we already have National anthem then why do we need another song? Why don’t you believe in the national anthem? Let’s leave it to the choice of the people. Those who will sing National anthem, they are nationalist. And if someone doesn’t sing Vande Mataram, then how he/she become a traitor? Who are these people to give a certificate?”

The BMM chief further went onto mention that anyone singing the National song is nothing less than an anti-Indian. “Those who sing Jana Gana Mana are Indians but our allegation is that those who sing Vande Mataram are anti-Indian,” he added.

This statement against the National Song, from the grandson of a freedom fighter has shocked the nation right now. The Blood of a Patriot not being a Patriot is a little tough to be digested. Well, not necessary that people follow the foot path of their ancestors. This saying goes very well with this man who has dared to speak against his own nation.

Earlier it was the AIMIM chief, Owaisi, who had spoken against the singing of our National song Vande Mataram. The AIMIM chief in 2017 had hit out at Vande Mataram being made compulsory, calling it as way to promote ‘Hindutva’.

He had said, “It is a wrong decision and is unconstitutional. Vande Mataram is our National Song, but there is no act which makes it compulsory to sing, like an act which is there for the National Anthem. Just to promote Hindutva and to end secularism, these kinds of decisions are being taken.”

The combination of the two has resulted in being a disaster for the ideologies of the nation. It was Prakash Ambedkar, who had announced a alliance along with Owaisi and his AIMIM party and his collaboration was thought of to fight the Lok Sabha elections together in Maharashtra.They even went onto coin a term for their alliance, ‘Jai bheem Jai meem’.

“Grandson of the Father of Constitution” – Do people even realize the absurdity of a phrase when they use it ? Everybody is a child of the nation and constitution. But sharing the same blood does not make an individual share the same thoughts as well. Individual preferences do differ from each other and one cannot be forced to love his nation, just because his ancestors did! Can we?

Source: Republic World



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