Dr Kafeel Khan, the man who was responsible for the deaths of several kids in “Gorakhpur Tragedy” is arrested in a fraud case

The person is as he is, Anyhow you try to present the person his actions reveals his reality. So called hero of the media, Dr Kafeel Khan who was arrested last year in connection to BRD Hospital Tragedy in Gorakhpur is once again in trouble due to his bad deeds

This time he landed in trouble due to fraud done by him and his brother nine years ago. It has come to forefront that duo has used forged documents and signatures to open an account in State Bank of India and had done transactions worth rupees 2 crore.

The complaint has been filed by Muzaffar Alam, a resident of the city’s Shekhhpur area at the Rajghat Police station. Muzaffar Alam in his complaint had accused both the brothers of using his photograph and ID to open a fake bank account in SBI and using the same to carry out transaction of over Rs 2 crore. At that time, Dr Kafeel was pursuing his medical studies at Manipal University, said Circle Officer (Cantonment) Prabhat Kumar Rai. Both the brothers have been booked against charges under the section 420 (cheating and dishonesty), 467(forgery of valuable security) and 471(using forged documents).

This all happened just a day after Dr Kafeel Khan was released on bail in connection to havoc created by him at Bahraich district hospital. According to the reports, Dr Kafeel Khan entered the hospital and disturbed treatment being given to the patients admitted there. He was arguing with the doctors and interfering in their work. When the hospital’s paediatrician Dr KK Verma come to know about this he reached the spot and took Dr Kafeel Khan to the chamber of the CMS while hospital authorities informed the police. After which a police team arrived at the hospital and took Dr Khan and his associates into custody for creating nuisance at the hospital

Last year media potrayed Dr. Kafeel Khan as the hero during the Baba Raghav Das Medical College and Hospital tragedy in Gorakhpur. Media boasted that he is the one who has arranged oxygen cylinders from various nursing homes and saved the lives of hundreds of children. It was even propagated that he had withdrawn Rs 10,000 from his personal account to purchase 17 oxygen cylinders in order to save as many infants as possible.Even media targeted Government for his removal

The god as potrayed by the media later turned out to be devil when it came to forefront that he is the one who has earlier stole oxygen cylinders from the hospital for his private clinic and actually the one responsible for shortage of oxygen cylinders.

The power of media plays an important role in creating viewpoint of the people of nation. But this power has always been misused by some of the media houses for their personal gains. It would be better if the person would be represented in true light by media instead of twisting and turning the reality. It would be contribution of media in helping the authorities so that they can take the right action at right time against such persons.


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