Dr Subramanian Swamy at his best!!! He trolls Shehla Rashid saying “It’s Sonia Gandhi’s conspiracy to put the blame on Shri Nitin Gadkari ji”

These Anti-Indian Gangs trying their all tactics, whether psychological or violent, to harm the BJP party. Here’s the lady member of the gang with their very old agenda to target PM Modi and the BJP leaders. Does JNU create students like this? How long will this lady continue to study on government and public money and keep making atrocious arguments against the highest authorities of India?

Shehla Rashid linked threats to PM Modi with RSS and Nitin Gadkari, concluded Muslims will be lynched. That’s how she plays with threats of others but when she got “Rape threats” by Radical Islamists on her Facebook post, she deactivated her account and kept mum as she knows that Muslims don’t lie!

Here’s this powerful personality who came for the rescue of Gadkari sir  and here’s what Dr Subramanian Swamy had to react on Shehla Rashid’s allegation on the BJP leader:

“I’ll Help Nitin Gadkari. I’ve Never Lost A Defamation Case. Shehla Rashid Has To Answer In Court Or Lose All Her Property. Meanwhile I’m Going To Ask JNU VC If She’s Still Studying There Kick Her Out, If She Got A Degree, Withdraw The Degree”- Subramaninan Swamy

Based on what proof did she raise this allegation on an reputed personality? Does the law and order allow her to do this? Does her University teach her these activities? What level of apology should we expect on this allegation?

A tight slams by Shri Subramanian Swamy ji to Shehla Rashid over her controversial tweet. Is she cinema scriptwriter ? How long she studying in JNU ? Dr Swamy says, “If this will be their standard then I’ll say it’s Sonia Gandhi’s conspiracy to put the blame on Shri Nitin Gadkari ji”.

It’s a very serious matter and Dr Swamy has confirmed if this is not stopped then what would be India’s state next in future? He claims , the lady from JNU must be punished in order to teach those continuing such atrocities in future. And no doubt he will make sure she is punished under any circumstances.