Dr Subramanian Swamy clearly explains India and Pakistan issue; Congress Party’s contribution to this tragedy is massive

Dr Subramanya Swamy, who is well known for revealing secrets which are buried in the times by the corrupt politicians have pointed out few facts about creation of India and Pakistan.

Last year Dr Swamy spoke on India and Pakistan- Nature and Prospects. He exposed certain facts from the time of Independence. He even threw light on present situation and also the future challenges to India.

  • The British parliament intended two create 2 separate states on August 15, 1947. One nation is for Muslims (Pakistan) and another is India which should be a Hindu nation. But today what are we seeing? Hindus are treated as second grade citizens in its own nation. If British wanted India to be a Hindu nation then who made it a democratic nation?
  • Clement Attlee was informed by Nehru on Dec 26, 1946 that Soviet Union had Netaji Bose under its custody. Mountbatten feared that if Bose returned to India then the British would lose its hold over the nation so it decided to leave India on August 15, 1947.  But earlier British had decided to leave India on June 1948. Meanwhile there was election in the Congress party for their party President and the president would also be the Prime Minister of India. So after the election Vallabhabhai Patel won 15-1 against Nehru, but Gandhi insisted to make Nehru the President as Nehru doesn’t wish to work under anyone. Why Gandhi overlooked national interest? Now we all know the intensity of damage done by Nehru to India.
  • He said that a Hindu India has lived in peace with Parsis, Jews, Jains and Bhudhists. Hindus have never raged war against people from other religion. Then why there is communal violence in India? After whose invasion violence increased?
  • The constitution came into force in 1950 but it never mentioned that India is a secular nation but Nehru said so. But during the emergency period, Indira Gandhi added the word secular in the constitution in 1976. So can a family change our constitution as and when required?
  • So, the clash since independence between India and Pakistan is between religion vs religion or secularism vs religion? Who is responsible for this clash?
  • We all know that all the terrorists are Muslims and are staunch supporters of Koran. They carry out terror strikes in India only because they have supporters in India too and these supporters say that they will fight with the Hindu India, they never say that they will fight against secular India. So do they hate India only because Hindus are in majority?
  • According to Dr Swamy, majority of Indian Muslims want to be in India and not Pakistan.
  • The ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban refer to India as an unfinished chapter of Islam.
  • The major terrorist organisation like the ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban believe that India is an unfinished chapter of Islam. So what does this indicate? Will they create non violence by targeting Hindus?
  • When Hindus dominate a particular locality, there even the minority community can have a peaceful life but why can’t Hindus live happily when the Muslims are more in number? Yes, Hindus always suffer when there is increase in the population of Muslims. Look at West Bengal and Kerala, Hindus are regularly attacked. Isn’t it Darul Islam?
  • Seculars want to divide Hindus but simultaneously they try to unite Muslims. So politics leaning towards Hinduism is best suitable because it will reduce importance on caste politics which till date has divided Hindu unity.
  • India is confused with Pakistan’s intension because India has not identified whether Pakistan want to break India into pieces like how India did to Pakistan and Bangladesh or does it radicalise Muslim youths in the name of religion and finally force Indians to accept Caliphate concept?
  • Swami also mentions that, Pakistan is in its dreamland if it thinks to divide India. He says it’s never possible because, once we have divided Pakistan and if it rages war then India will divide Pakistan into 4 parts.
  • But Dr Swamy also said that if war breaks out, India should also focus mainly on increasing people’s trust in the government and its move. Because citizens support is highly needed during war or else look at Kashmir. The army is fighting for them but few Kashmiris are creating trouble in Army’s operation.
  • So to achieve the above mentioned point, India must start believing in the term called as Hindustan.

War is certain if Pakistan doesn’t stop its terror backing. Pakistan may think that India is weak because it hasn’t taken any tough action against Pakistan backed terrorists. If Pakistan thinks so, it is doing a big mistake. India is ready to face Pakistan and even can defeat it with ease.

But even peace talk with Pakistan isn’t possible because there is no synchronisation between Pakistan government and Pakistan Army. There are several examples from the past when Pakistan participated in peace talk but meanwhile it backed terrorist activities in Kashmir valley too.

Source: Pgurus.com

Vikrant Raj