Should Dr Subramanian Swamy be made the next Defence Minister of India?

Manorhar Parrikar was one of the best defence minister India ever had. He single handedly brought down the rampant scams and corruption in the defence ministry. While the defence sector under the previous government was hit badly in scams and massive corruption rows, Parrikar brought back the credibility in the department in a short span of time.

The Congress defence minister A K Antony had neglected the defence sector to such extent that Indian armed forces was in severe shortage of arms and ammunition. The situation had turned grave and inside sources had revealed that the ammunition in Indian army was not sufficient for a 10 day war.

The constant corruptions and scams like Augusta Westland, Submarine scam, Pilatus training aircraft scam, Embraer scam had brought a huge credibility crisis in the Indian defence sector. The soldiers were neglected and morally degraded by the Congress government’s constant support to terror activities. So the entire National security was put at great risk.

But after Manohar Parrikar was made the defence minister, the situation completely changed. He immediately cleared all projects including Rafeal deal,which were stuck from years and purchased defence equipment, ammunition and weapons which were badly needed for the India army. He almost put a break to all corruptions and scandals. The Augusta Westland scam investigation picked pace and SP Tyagi, the ex-Air Chief Marshal and others involved were all questioned by the CBI.

He was the first person who solved the OROP issue which was hanging for 45 years, war widows finally started receiving pensions. He increased the compensation for war martyrs from 20 Lakh to 45 lakhs, for soldiers martyred fighting against militants, the compensation was raised from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 35 lakh. Bullet proof jackets and helmets were given to soldiers, massive boost was given to indigenous manufacture of defence equipment.

But sadly he did not continue as the defence minister but returned back to his home town Goa as Chief minister after BJP won the 2017 Goa elections.

Since then, Arun Jaitley has been handling the defence sector and PM Modi has still not been able to find the right person to the post. Anybody who can occupy the position of defence minister should not only be honest but a strong person who can take firm decisions at times. Currently the man who can handle the defence sector better is none other than Subramanian Swamy. Dr Swamy is one of the most intelligent, shrewd politician who is well known for his hard talk and strong stand against terrorists and anti Nationals.

He has tremendous experience in administration and is very much familiar with the Kashmir situation. He is one man who can handle the Chinese and put an end to the Chinese incursions in the Aurunachal Pradesh. Dr Swamy has been very vocal against the violence in Kashmir and has always reiterated the need for strong action against terrorists and separatists. He had also moved a bill to declare Pakistan as terror nation and demanded the government to declare Balochistan an independent Nation.

He is the most active anti corruption crusader who is consistently working on the 2G, aircel maxis and National herald case. He is one person who directly exposed Sonia, Rahul Gandhi and made them stand in the court as accused.

Currently what India requires is a person who can bring down the violence in Kashmir and find a permanent solution to it, tackle the Arunachal Pradesh border issue with China and build a cordial relation with Israel to tackle terrorist problem in the country. So there cannot be a more honest and better person to handle the defence ministry than Dr Swamy.

– Aishwarya S


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