Dr Subramanian Swamy says BJP will secure 130 seats in Karnataka! But to everyone’s surprise, its not Congress that will be in the 2nd spot

Dr Subramanian Swamy has never disappointed his fans and even this time he has come up with something interesting. After literally ragging actor Prakash Raj in a debate show, Dr Swamy has destroyed the hopes of Congress winning in the Karnataka elections.

With every passing minute, the surveys kept increasing the seats in favour of BJP and this was possible due to the rallies undertaken by PM Modi, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and Party President Amit Shah. Now, Dr Subramanaian Swamy has predicted that BJP would get anywhere between 115-130 seats in the Karnataka Elections. Note that the majority mark is just 113 seats.

Congress workers need to be shocked after what Dr Swamy said!

The surveys that were made prior to PM Modi’s arrival was pleasing to the Congress party because it said that none of the parties would get majority and there would be a hung assembly. So, the Congress leaders were thinking of joining hands with JD (S) to retain back the power.

But now Dr Swamy has not just revealed that BJP will easily cross the majority mark but also said that Congress will end up in the 3rd spot in the state. Yes, even the JD (S) party will grab more seats than the Congress as per Dr Swamy.

Why the predictions made by Dr Subramanian Swamy will be true?

  • The prediction made by Dr Swamy holds ground because the Congress has failed in giving a better governance in the past 5 years. At one end women safety was completely neglected and at other end, series of bureaucrats died mysteriously.
  • Communal violence was at its peak as one after another Hindu activists were killed in broad day light. The majority Hindu community also felt insecure under the Siddaramaiah government in the state.

  • There were serious corruption allegations on not just the cabinet ministers of the state but even on the chief minister Siddaramaiah. It may be of possessing expensive watch or even changing vehicles at regular intervals.
  • BJP had even said that in September 2013, Siddaramaiah went to attend WEF meeting in China and there he met Vijay Ishwaran who is an absconder. There was another absconder and SFIO has called both a national threat. Mr. Vijay Eswaran is absconding in hundreds of FIR’s across India and he is a Tamil Origin businessman based in Malaysia. He is also being prosecuted by the Enforcement Directorate in Chennai and Mumbai.

Even the Congress workers started to hate Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah. Do you why?

  • Due to a news break that was made recently, the Congress workers started working against Mr Siddaramaiah. The news break said that in the year 2008, Siddaramaiah was all set to dump the Congress party and join hands with BJP just for the greed of power.
  • This was revealed by a close aide of Siddaramaiah named GT Devegowda who is from JD (S). GT Devegowda said that “Siddaramaiah united with Yeddyurappa and ensured that BJP won and Congress lost in 8 seats. In 2008 bypoll Siddaramaiah united with Yeddyurappa. Congress knew that Siddaramaiah spoke to Advani as well in 2008. Congress realised that there would be a problem. They called Kharge back to Delhi and made Siddaramaiah the leader. He would blackmail the Congress party and became the Opposition leader. He also ensured that he ousted Parameshwara as Congress state chief realising that the state chief would go on to become CM if they won”.

Now the only speculation is how bizarrely will the Congress lose in the state. The political analysts have said that the Congress party would secure around 60 seats but in the 2013 elections, it had secured 122 seats. This indicates that India will soon witness “Congress Mukht Bharat”.

Hansika Raj