A Dramatic Satirical Comedy Between Gandhi and Subhash Chandra Bose

A Conversation Between Bapu And NetaJi At LalQila On Independence Day

Bapu: RaghupatiRaghav Raja Ram, PatitpawanSitaram/ Ishwar Allah teronaam, Sabkosanmati de bhagwan/RaghupatiRaghavRaja Ram”¦”¦

(Bapu stopped his prayer at Gandhi Smriti, housed in the Old Birla House on 5, Tees January Marg, New Delhi, in his meditation hall due to undue intervention of NetaJiSubhash Chandra Bose)

NetaJi: Bapu! Bapu! Please stop your prayer. Everybody knows that Ram is residing in your heart, no need to show off. Let”™s go to LalQila to listen that 56 Inch-chestwalaModi on this 70th Independence Day.

Bapu: Has everybody reached the Red Fort? Sardarji, Shastriji, MaulanaAzadji, Bhagat, Azad and my naughty Godse, everybody”¦”¦”¦?Jawahar must be busy with his rose from Sweden and some rosy cheeks, I know. But BurhanWani”™s father and sister may be there with mask and machine gun, Subhash. I think I am ok here at Gandhi Smriti.

NetaJi: Don”™t fear Bapu. There is high security. No need to worry. You will sit inside the bulletproof enclosure of my son from where he will address the nation like me waving his hand. Commandos will be there with black specs, guns and blah blah. Don”™t worry.

Bapu: Yeah I know, Subhash. Not entirely yours but he is half mine. He went to Pakistan in that evening without any proper security arrangement amidst threat, and Ram saved him from the possible attack of IsratJahan”™s team in his yesteryears. It”™s fine but my child doesn”™t know that my own pseudo-family members are his greatest enemy. If they could sell me for 60 years till now befooling my motherland with their crocodile tears, cannot they befool him?

NetaJi: (Smiling sarcastically) Bapu! Have you gone mad? Your hypocrite family cannot touch him. He is Chanakya. He has created poison girls of diplomatic planning and demolishing your”¦.. (Seeing Bapu sad) Ok, Bapu. I am sorry. I should not talk like this. Let”™s go to Quila. (NetaJi led Bapu holding his left hand amidst the sound of Bapu”™slathi.)

(They reached with a flash of light at the LalQila, just behind Modijibut Bapu sat under open sky withNetaJi on his right side with his pristine glory and British-time bravery. Kasturba was sitting on his left and all others on the same row and also on the row behind him.)

Bapu: Subhash, where is Sonia and herPapu? I think,Bhagat and Azad are in a mood for the same old”¦. Bring them from the UPA and Media people- Thapar, Desai, Dutt. Subhash! Are you deaf?

NetaJi: No Bapu. I am listening to you. I will call the dudes, don”™t worry. “¦.O Bapu! Look! Your great grandson- your Papu is sleeping on the chair with his head on Khujliwal”™s shoulder. He thought it to be Parliament with a mufflerwala musical donkey. Please listen to Modi.

Bapu: Yeah, I am listening. He has done par-excellent job for Achche Din. “Hu khatonathi, Anna khavadetonathi,” he is saying practicing like me. He is an experimentalist, Subhash. He passed many important bills more than Indira but GST should be passed. Still he sanctioned 75 crore special scholarship to Kashmiri students but I am afraid that one day the Muslims may assassin him like me and Rajiv.

NetaJi: Don”™t do drama in front of me by your tears. It is all your sin before independence. You did not support me and I went to Japan. You did not try to save Bhagat, Raj Guru and all from being hanged till death. Azad with those heroes was declared terrorists only for you. Jinnah was a separatist and you divided India into two. Do you know Bapu what Lord Krishna told toDhritarashtra? Krishna told Dhritarashtra that the day when he divided Bharat Varsh into two parts and when in one country two capitals, Hastina and Indraprasth were created, since that day destruction started. Likewise, you divided a nation in two, Hindustan and Pakistan.

Bapu: Jinnah was stubborn, why don”™t you understand, Subhash? Jawahar was thirsty of power who was not accepting Jinnah”™s disdain. Shardarji was depending on my discretion.

Subhash: Whatever it is, now the Kashmir issue is the fruit of your sin. You were tried to be assassinated by the Muslims but you escaped by wearing burkha in disguise of a Muslim woman but now the Hindus are slain by them. Lakhs of Hindus and Sikhs were gang-raped and killed in the genocide following an exodus in Pakistan just after independence.

Bapu: It”™s ok Subhash. (Bapu is unwilling to listen and trying to avoid NetaJi”™s attack on him making him a culprit.)

NetaJi: It”™s ok! Bapu! You say it”™s ok! My nation is boiling with hatred and communalism, intolerance and terrorism, and you say ok? You have to listen to me today at least for Modi.

Bapu: Ok. Tell me. I am listening to you. (Bapu was sitting with his old style of leaning to right on the support of his right hand )

NetaJi: More than 200, 000rapes, half a million murders of Hindu doctors, journalists, writers, scientists and lawyers were executed in Bangladesh in Muslim led genocide by Operation Chengiz Khan in 1971. In Kashmir, more than 200, 000 rapes and murders of Kashmiri Pandits were carried out by Muslims followed by an exodus of 400, 000 Hindu Pandits. That is all for your bloody mistake and whole India is suffering and Modi is undone.

Bapu: Ok. Modi should withdraw article 370 from Kashmir. Why doesn”™t he do this? It”™s his mistake that in spite of being the PM, he is not dismantling 370.

NetaJi: Bapu! Please do not wake my anger. You know that I love you and respect you so much that I cannot insult you even Patel ji, Shastriji and Jinnah cannot but I am losing my patience. Only for you Muslims have developed a tendency to be terrorists. They are staying in India enjoying its tax-money and facilities but supporting Pakistan. Do you know, Bapu, What I am saying?

Bapu: Yes. I understand what you are saying. I am listening to Modi now and I agree with him. Modi says that if he will give laptops in the hand of Kashmiri Muslim students, so that they won”™t pick up guns to be terrorists. Modi can unite the Hindu and the Muslim to fight against poverty together. This Mantra of Modi can mitigate my sin. The rest is article 370.

NetaJi: But Bapu, Hurriyat conference, Mirwaiz and Geelani will never support Modi.

Bapu: Subhash! Modi is not you or me. He is a union of you and me. He can raise his voice in Parliament to withdraw 370, and pass uniform civil code along with his all his action, related to development only if the media become nationalist. The media and politicians are the threats of India, not the Hindus or Muslims. Media and political leaders like Lalu, Nitish, Mulayam, Kejriwal and my daughter-in-law with my great grandson need to be patriots and nationalists in true sense like our Indian Army, all military and paramilitary forces who have one ideology, “Country First, India First.” That is the way of peace.

NetaJi: Sounds good. But is it possible, Bapu?

Bapu: Yes, because He is Modi. He has 56 inch-chest with a brain of Chanakya and leadership qualities of Gandhi and Subhash.Unlike you, he can bring Japan to India. Do you know that the King of UAE settled labourer related matter fervently only for his personal relationship with him? “˜Reform, perform and transform”™ is his mantra of development. He has also opened your file of mysterious death that congress was playing conspiracy. He is not a politician. He is a statesman. Subhash, if you want to know more about Modi, you have to read the upcoming book, THE LEGEND OF NARENDRA MODI.

NetaJi: You are great Bapu. Please forgive me for being angry with you.

Bapu: I have already forgiven you, Subhash. You are my voice but in a violent way, that is yet needed now.

NetaJi: That”™s why I am thinking all the time, “Why you are Bapu,” and “How come you are there on Notes and Coins.”

(Bapu gazed at his dangling dollar watch grinning cheerfully)

Bapu! Let”™s go to Gandhi Smriti. The I-Day Program is over.

(Holding the left hand of Bapu, NetaJi started walking blessing Modi with their invisible hands)

Azad Ray