Drought hit farmers of Karnataka get Rs 1 compensation for crop loss from Congress government!

Rahul Gandhi who is giving moral lessons to Madhya Pradesh CM on farmers owes since a week should probably take a look at what his own government in Karnataka has done.

The Siddaramaiah government has deposited Rs 1 to all farmers in Karnataka as drought relief compensation. The state government which is least concerned about farmers owes has insulted the farmers by depositing Rs 1 to their bank accounts. Most of the farmers in Kidaduru village of Kushatgi taluk in Koppal district yesterday received Rs 1 from the government which made them devastated. They blamed the Siddaramaiah government for mocking them.

As soon as the news spread, the Law minister TB Jayachandra said that it was not their fault but it was a failure in administration. But reports from many media suggested that many farmers had also received Rs 100 and Rs 200 as compensation and when enquired in the tahsildar, the officials told they had no information. The entire issue was racked up in the Assembly after which the Karnataka government order an enquiry.

The officials in the government said that there was mess up in the bank details as many farmers had not linked their Aadhar number with the bank. He said “Some 87,500 farmers in the district are eligible for crop compensation. Of these, 84,000 had their Aadhaar numbers linked to the bank accounts and they received compensation. Of the remaining 3,500 farmers, we made a token deposit of Re 1 in their accounts to ascertain their credentials.”

Siddaramaiah government was completely embarrassed after the incident and they refused to comment on the goof up and said the enquiry was ordered.

Aishwarya S