This DU assistant professor has called Goddess Durga a ‘Sexy Prostitute’

When whole of India is rejoicing in the holy season of Navratri, a man who claims to be an assistant professor has insulted goddess Durga. This has hurt the feelings of peace loving Hindu community severely.

This man named Kedar Mandal is an assistant professor of Hindi at Dyal Singh College has updated his Facebook status where he used derogatory language for goddess Durga.

He had posted this cheap post on September 22 at around 6.43 PM but deleted after he realised that this will end up in jail. This was condemned by everyone and even cases were filed against this man.

At the Lodhi Colony police station, the BJP affiliated teacher’s body National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF) filed a case against Kedar Kumar Mandal. Even a teachers’ body registered a police complaint against the professor of Dayal Singh College, reported Zee News. Even the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) condemned this assistant professor’s remark and demanded to dismiss him from DU administration.

The complaint letter filed by the teachers blamed him of “making a mischievous attempt to hurt people’s feelings”. VS Negi, general secretary of NDTF, said that “this is a disgusting attempt at cheap publicity especially at a time when everyone is revelling in the festivities of Navratri”.

VS Negi further said that he was disgusted after he came to know about this comment. “We then decided that a police complaint should be made for there is a need to put a stop to such people”, Negi said to TOI.

Even though the tolerant community’s blood boiled due to Kedar’s cheap comment on goddess Durga, none took law into their hand and decided to handle this pervert in the court of law.

Previously, Kamlesh Tiwari was booked under NSA for allegedly insulting a community and is still in jail. Will Kedar Kumar Mandal meet the same consequences or roam free in the name of freedom of expression?

In India, a teacher is considered as a god but what education will this man provide to his students if he himself indulges in an activity that holds every potential to disrupt the peace in the society.

It has become a trend to target Hindu culture in the name of “freedom of expression” and later play the victim card. A strict law has to be formed so that perverts like Mandal will think thousands of time before targeting Hindu culture.

Hansika Raj


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