Due to this one secret, even after 22 years, Congress can’t defeat BJP in Gujarat!!!!

Days ago, a rumour was going viral on twitter that Rahul Gandhi has booked tickets for Bangkok sensing defeats in Gujarat. Well, you don’t want to dig at that tweet but what is evident is that Rahul Gandhi is surging to face the biggest defeat of his life.

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi hardly saw any victories in his life. But Congress had attacked in all possible ways to attack and defeat PM Modi’s BJP. It even gave supari to Pakistan alleged by PM Modi. But every dirty trick of Congress has failed. But why?

GST, demonetisation and Patidar agitation; Nothing could hurt BJP!!!

  • After GST was implemented, pseudos said BJP will lose terribly. But Gujarat is a place where there are the highest number of traders.
  • “One out of every four” Patidars were the voters of BJP but after the patidar agitation, it was said that BJP lost their main vote base.
  • Hardik Patel was smart enough to deviate the Patidars for some extent. But every theory has toppled after his true face got exposed.

What is the secret mantra adopted by PM Modi?

  • Even when the Congress brought in pseudo-Hindutva and and Patidar issues, BJP just stuck on to only one agenda. That was Vikas (Development) and the Gujaratis liked it.
  • From past 22 years, BJP is winning one after another election and this was the victory of BJP’s “Vikas” mantra.
  • “Vikas” meant not just fastening the speed of developments like roads and railways but even developing the standard of each and every Gujarat.
  • While rest of the country is thinking that Muslims are not safe in PM Modi’s Gujarat. But the Muslims of Gujarat are extremely happy to be served by Gujarat’s BJP government.

Will Rahul Gandhi resign from his post?

This is absolutely Rahul Gandhi’s defeat and the million dollar question is will he step down? “Congress Lost #Gujarat Which Wasn’t Their, They Also Lost #HimachalPradesh Which Was Their Own. Will Congress President Rahul Gandhi Take The Moral Responsibility And Step Down?”, said a Twitterati.

Hansika Raj