Due to PM Modi’s last minute rallies in Rajasthan, the equation is toppling in favour of BJP

All those political pundits who predicted Rajasthan will not be a cake-walk for BJP have suddenly taken a U-turn and are now saying that BJP has make a strong comeback in the state and their chances of winning the state has increased

Of course, without an iota of doubt the reason of sudden change in stance of predictions of political pundits is none other than Prime Minister Modi.

It is believed as Prime Minister Narendra Modi entered the battleground of Rajasthan the entire scenario of Rajasthan elections toppled and the whole opposition and predictions falls flat in front of him. In just his 10 rallies across the various regions of the state he changed the picture completely.

A positive trend is also being witnessed in the speculative market about BJP’s condition after PM Modi’s rallies. Speculator who few days ago were predicting Congress win on 125-130 seats and BJP standing at 45-50 seats are now predicting tough fight and comeback of BJP

How the Modi factor toppled the entire scenario?

During his rallies, PM Modi touched every loophole of Congress and fully blasted the party. In Hanumangarh, PM Modi raised the issue of Kartarpur Sahib to connect emotionally to Punjabi and Sikh families. He said, “At the time of partition, if the Congress leaders had some understanding, sensitivity and seriousness in this matter, if they would have known the place of Gurunanak Dev ji in our life of India, then Kartarpur would not have been separated from us, There was no respect for the feelings of the Sikhs in Congress leaders, said PM

In Sikar, PM Modi lashed out at Congress President Rahul Gandhi for trolling PM Modi on saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” during his rallies. And in the last day of his campaigning PM Modi ignited like fire and teared apart the Congress into pieces. PM Modi makes sure that Gandhis should inscribe in their mind that there is no escape zone for them now. PM Modi said “Now I’ll see how the mother-son duo will escape”. By this he implied that soon Congress President and his mother will be behind the bars

Apart from naking the Congress PM Modi also made sure that people should know about the developmental work done by his Government in the state. He focused on the welfare schemes of the state and the Centre, such as housing, toilet construction, health insurance, gas connections. Even BJP President Amit Shah made sure people should know work done by his Government. He praised the leadership of Vasundhra Raje and said that under her leadership Rajasthan is progressing and developing. The state has turned into a ‘glorious’ state from ‘Bimaru’ which it has become due to Congress

Prime Minister Modi & BJP President Amit Shah rallies along with the organisational capacity and acumen of the party leadership is a strong factor for BJP win which lacks in Congress and for which it is struggling. Apart from this the Raje Government clear image of not being indulged in the scam will help BJP. The BJP vote share in the last assembly elections was 46.05 percent against the 33.7 percent of the Congress. Moreover it will be a tough task for the Congress to close such a massive gap.

It is believed that these 10 rallies of PM Modi and his immense popularity and credibility will swing significant votes and the lotus will bloom once again in Rajasthan

Source: Navbharat Times