Due to the sexual harassment of this top and powerful media person, a young journalist’s career came to an end!

One after another, every fake liberals and seculars are getting exposed as women are bravely coming out in open to name and shame the men who sexually harassed them all these years. The first one to get exposed were the bunch of comedians from “All India Bakchod”.

The next were few of the popular and powerful men in their own field like novelist Kiran Nagarkar and even Sidharth Bhatia’s, the co-founder of the propaganda website The Wire, name was heard when the #MeToo moment broke out on twitter.

Now its the turn of another prominent figure from the media field. Due to this sexual predator, a young girl’s dream of becoming a popular journalist came to an end. Yes, devastated due to the sexual harassment, a young journalist named Ratnika Sharma had to quit her job and even the journalism field.

Here is the statement of Ratnika Sharma who narrated her story of sexual harassment to the world:

I joined a prominent, national news channel in 2014 and was 24 years old then. I was so naive that I put up with the harassment by a”father-like” figure and an extremely senior editor for several months. He started off with saying that he is lonely, wife has no time.

He would be persistent until I yielded and if I would say that this is inappropriate or that I don’t like it, he would immediately say things like, oh this is just a joke, don’t be so judgemental, I’m just saying this because I think you are my friend etc.

If I wouldn’t reply to his lewd messages, the whole day he would be super rude to me and made sure my stories weren’t aired. Since I had fought a lot to get in this field, I had no idea how to react and deal with it. I thought if I just agreed, I would be able to do my work.

I was so scared to talk about this all these years because there were times when he would make sure I replied to his advances on texts. And that made me so ashamed of myself. One day I just quit the job and never went back to journalism. My fault was that I complied.

He is the editor (south) of India Today TV channel. That is all the guts I have to mention.

So who was the person who harassed Ratnika Sharma?

After the final sentence, people began to predict the name behind this story. Soon people started naming “the top and award winning senior journalist” who had harassed Ratnika Sharma. After Ratnika Sharma said that the pervert is the editor (south) of India Today TV channel, a Twitterati tagged Uma Sudhir and asked her if Ratnika was speaking of her husband.

Even though Ratnika Sharma didn’t reveal the name of the sexual harasser, she said “Hi Alt Right, I really appreciate your support. Thanks a lot. But please let’s not resort to such comments and let’s not drag those who are not involved”.

So the girl denied naming openly the man who harassed but people started to speculate who he was and some started to say that it was Sudheer TS who had worked with NDTV for a stint of 16 years and then joined the India Today group. But an detailed investigation will confirm who the pervert is.

The #MeToo moment in India has really kick started and the credit goes to the brave women. This should not stop until each and every sexual predator in India is named and shamed. Let India become a Ram Rajya and not a Ravan Rajya.

Let the truth prevail, atleast this time.


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Hansika Raj