Dumbness Unlimited!!! “Japan funds Water Projects in Kerala, and they force our clouds to travel to Japan and make it rain there” says Kerala MLA

Kerala has a distinction of being India’s most educated State, and every Indian feel proud while mention the name of Kerala when there is a reference of Education. However there is a drastic difference in being educated and being an educated illiterate, we are talking about Kerala MLA PV Anwar who has recently devised an indigestible theory which is certainly not easy to swallow for most of the educated lot.

When Nilambur MLA PV Anwar speaks, it always rains theories.  MLA’s PVR Water Theme Park is facing a host of allegations, from violating waste management guidelines to functioning without the necessary permissions from the local panchayat.

The Forest Department is also conducting a probe about a check dam which has allegedly been built illegally for the park. To add to Anwar’s sea of troubles, the Pollution Control Board withdrew the sanction given to the park located at Kakkadampoyil in Malappuram district.

At a press meet, PV Anwar attempted to wash away the questions by talkingabout…Japan and Japanese people.Don’t ask us why.

Taking off at a tangent, the MLA started talking about the Japan-aided water project whichwas started in Kerala in 2003 to benefit the people of five districts.Asking why Japan was aiding Kerala for a water project, Anwar made somerather startling declarations that might overturn any present understanding of Geography, Meteorology, and Politics that you have.

“There is a Japan water project here. Who is giving the money for this? It isJapan!” said PV Anwar dramatically.Without diluting PV Anwar’s originality with further comments, let’s hear itfrom the man himself.

“Why are the people in Japan interested in making the people of Kerala drinkwater? This is where you have to understand. The monsoon clouds from theWestern Ghats travel to Japan and make it rain there. They get drinkingwater because of the monsoon clouds from the Western Ghats. So what isJapan’s need? The forests here must increase! Only then the people therewill get water. That is the understanding,” he said.

PV Anwar then went on to say that it was for Japan’s sahebs to get water thatall water was being released to the Arabian Sea.

“Only then will the water evaporate and form monsoon clouds! And theclouds have to go to Japan! That’s why this money is being spent,” said theMLA.

Yes, we know this is all a bit too much to swallow. Sit down and drink a glassof water before the Japanese demand it for their monsoon clouds.The MLA’s fanciful theories have opened the floodgates on the Internet fortroll memes and videos.

Manish Sharma