Shocking : Durga Puja banned in this Birbhum village in WB due to fear of Muslims

In a shocking development yet again, 300 Hindu families in the Kanglapahari village in the Birbhum district of West Bengal have been denied permission by the authorities to celebrate Durga Puja. This is the fourth year at a stretch that the government has denied the Hindu families a permission to celebrate Durga Puja. Since past 3 years, the district administration have been denying the villagers permission to celebrate Durga Puja as it hurts and angers the sentiments of Muslims living in the village.

As per the recent report by India Today, District officials are not responding as they don’t want to antagonize the Muslims. When quizzed, Birbhum DM P Mohangandhi tactfully sidestepped the question. He said: “The formal procedure is to submit the appeal to the SDO and he’s the person to issue the necessary permission depending on the law and order situation. The village residents say that the idol of Goddess Durga is lying half-completed and due to not being granted permission, they are extremely disappointed.

A screen shot of the news from India Today

The  West Bengal government is at its height of minority appeasement, due to which Hindu festivals are not being permitted to be celebrated in areas which have Muslim majority population, in order to protect the sentiments of Muslims. Though the government sites law and order issue behind denying the permission to celebrate Durga Puja, local residents claim that authorities are denying the permission because of fear from Muslim families who do not want Hindu festivals to be celebrated. Last year also, WB government had banned the procession for immersion of  Durga idols as it clashed with Muharram.

All the eminent mainstream-media personalities, so-called intellectuals, pseudo-liberals and a section of society who don’t leave any stone un-turned to give any normal crime on Muslims a color of Hindu oppression, fascism, intolerance and initiate prime time discussion over weeks, return their awards, black out their TV screens have surprisingly gone into hibernation. All of them tried to make Kairana issue a normal migration in search of better opportunities, but NHRC report has said that the exodus of 250 Hindu families were due to threat from Muslim families. Similar major incidents of Muslim oppression on Hindus have been totally avoided by the Mainstream media and intellectuals. How long will the minority continue to dictate its terms to majority ? How long will the majority remain to be deprived of basic rights to live and practice their religious beliefs ? Have we, the majority, become too weak and helpless ? At least, that’s what Kashmir, Kairana, stretches of western UP and West Bengal suggest ! It’s time that we keep political correctness aside, speak for ourselves and put pressure on our state and central governments to ensure a proper equality to everyone, irrespective of religious affiliations.

Kshitij Mohan


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